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Mayfair Toronto Lakeshore Fitness Schedule


Run programs are offered in both private and group lessons for all experience levels, for beginners, advanced and elite. These include group runs, personal coaching and race preparation training.

Mayfair Toronto Lakeshore Tennis Schedule


Improve your game with our specialized tennis clinics. Our drills and skills clinics are organized according to level of play and are structured to challenge Members, while working on areas needing improvement – and offered throughout the week.

Mayfair Toronto Lakeshore Squash Schedule


Our singles and doubles house leagues are a great way to meet new members and become part of the squash community. Looking for competition? Our competitive league program is the answer and provides weekly match play.

Mayfair Toronto Lakeshore Swimming Schedule


Mayfair AquaFit program is a cardiovascular and muscular workout, which is challenging for adults of all fitness levels. Focusing on control, balance, agility, coordination and endurance, the water’s resistance provides a full body workout and is ideal for strength training.



Child Care

Mayfair Kidspace is a safe and exciting environment for your youngsters, supervised by qualified and caring professionals. Parents can feel confident and secure the kids are having safe and happy times, and the entire family can each enjoy their own workout.


With great pick-up games like basketball, pickleball, floor hockey and tennis, we have something for everyone!


Breakfast Menu
Dinner Menu

We feature our delicious homemade Chicken Curry, every Monday night in the bistro.


Members, guests and visitors are invited to use a wide range of rejuvenating therapeutics and treatments.

Contact Lakeshore’s Wellness Spa: (416)466-3704



Stop by our Sports Shop to check out our extensive selection of racquets and apparel!

Mayfair Lakeshore

801 Lake Shore Blvd E
Toronto, ON M4M 1A9
Lakeshore and DVP

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(416) 466-3777

Regular Hours
September 4 – May 3
Mon - Thu: 5:45am – midnight
Fri: 5:45am – 11:00pm
Sat & Sun: 6:45am – 10:00pm

Club Manager:

Darlene Holland
Membership Services:

Brenna Hinrichsen

Jennifer Rogers

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