Parkway Group Fitness Classes

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Thursday Morning, 8:00am MOBILITY, 8:40am CYCLE FIT, Friday 5:00pm CYCLE FIT and 5:55pm YOGA. See the full group exercise schedule at

Group Cycling with Angel Mok

Available | 50 Minutes | Friday at 9am with Angel Mok

This is a 50-minute class of traditional cycling is designed to improve cardiopulmonary output, endurance, lactate threshold, leg power, and mental function. This is all done with speed, strength and endurance drills. Come try one of the many classes on our schedule. See the full group exercise schedule at

Spartan Workout with Miguel Ruiz

Available | 60 Minutes | Monday at 7pm with Miguel Ruiz

The Spartan Workout is a garage style workout that focuses on Functional Movement patterns. This class is strength/cardio based program featuring plyometrics, body weight work and compound functional movements to help create strength and mobility Through multiple joint ranges.. See the full group exercise schedule at

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