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Signature Programs

We have a signature programs for everyone, from…

BOXING PT Select a location to view the Schedule

Sessions focus on proper form, technique, endurance, strength and speed. Whether looking to improve your boxing technique or a new, challenging, fun workout, our Certified Boxing Coach can tailor each session to help you meet your fitness goals.

RUNNING PROGRAM Select a location to view the Schedule

Our new and imaginative running program educates and trains Members in the beauty and balance of running, while improving fitness levels and running times. All group runs are accompanied with road maps, weekly goals/targets and individual weekly training plans.

Each training package includes a complete physical assessment by running coach, Jeff Cooper. Race preparation training focuses on improving running mechanics and strength, as well as an individually designed program.

GOLF FIT PROGRAM Select a location to view the Schedule

We offer 3, 6 and 8-week programs that include biomechanical assessment, golf-specific personal training and private golf instruction from Scott McInroy, CPGA. This program is a balanced approach focused on improving your golf game and fitness level, in addition to working on injury prevention.

MUSCLE ACTIVATION TECHNIQUES Select a location to view the Schedule

MAT™ is a revolutionary new approach to analyze and correct muscular imbalances, which can lead to injury or be the source of pain and instability. It is an assessment and treatment methodology that has proved successful at all levels of sport for performance enhancement and rehabilitation. MAT™ is being used in personal training at Mayfair for Members and Guests of all ages to improve workout efficiency and accelerate goal achievement.

Find out more:

  • MAT™ is a diagnostic process to assess effective muscle contraction.  When range of motion is compromised, performance suffers.  MAT™ helps fix this
  • Mayfair’s MAT™ Certified Specialists will diagnose the cause and address the symptoms to strengthen weak muscles in an easy, safe and effective way
  • No more sore…watch your confidence soar with the MAT™ program and when daily exercise happen’s with ease!

PILATES REFORMER Select a location to view the Schedule

The Pilates Reformer equipment at Mayfair can help you enjoy the many benefits of Pilates, on your own time.

All that you know about Pilates…improved flexibility, long lean muscles, better sports performance/reduced risk of injury – can be achieved with these intuitive and simple devices.

Learn why Pilates is the breakthrough technique for many of today’s greatest athletes:

  • A stronger core
  • An evenly-balanced and well-conditioned total musculature
  • Smooth, continuous movements to help extend vital range-of-motion

By developing proper technique using Mayfair’s Pilates Reformers, you can actually re-program your body to move in more efficient ways that improve performance, reduce risk and accelerate recovery.

Health optimization is ready and waiting for you at Mayfair’s Pilates Reformers.  When you’re available, they are too.

What’s New

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What’s New at Mayfair Parkway/East November 2018

November is another busy month at Mayfair Parkway. We've brought back our Davis Cup Doubles Event in Tennis and our Hollywood Facial Red Carpet Event in the Spa and we've introduced some new programs in Personal Training. Don't miss out! Read on to learn more!

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