Expert Corner: Sarah Bavaro on Aquatic Safety

Meet Sarah

Sarah is the aquatics supervisor of Mayfair Clubs West.  She has been partaking in swimming since the age of 3 and teaching swimming lessons for over 6 years through the City of Mississauga.  Sarah hopes to inform everyone of the importance of water safety in order to prevent unnecessary incidences from occurring. Being in this field for many years, Sarah wants others to know that no one is ever too young or too old to start swimming lessons. There is no ideal age, one must just take action!

Sarah on Aquatics

The Lifesaving Society has been researching and reporting on water-related fatalities, and latest statistic report highlights the importance of water safety, with a significant amount of data showing that most drowning deaths are preventable with proper water safety knowledge.  (click on the image below to enlarge)

At Mayfair Clubs, safety is our most important goal followed by prevention and of course FUN!! We offer a variety of programs of all levels to meet your personal goals, encourage water safety, and collectively do our part to reduce drowning related incidents. Learning to swim is a life skill and we encourage everyone of any age to participate in our swim programs!


How early can children start swimming lessons?

Being in this field for many years, Sarah wants others to know that no one is ever too young or too old to start swimming lessons. There is no ideal age, one must just take action! Our facility offers lessons for every age and skill level, accommodating every swimming-related inquiry you may have. Here at Mayfair safety is our most important goal followed by prevention and of course FUN!!

Are aquatic activities beginner-friendly?

Aquatics is very beginner friendly. Everyone starts as a beginner and works on achieving whatever goal they may have. Our program is designed to take all of your goals into consideration while catering to all different learning styles.

What are some useful safety tips?

  • Always swim with a buddy!!
  • Always wear a lifejacket in open water
  • Parents note that water wings are not a substitute for a personal flotation device

Is there a difference between a salt water pool and a chlorine pool?

Yes! Saltwater pools use less chemicals than chlorine pools, reducing the amount of fumes in the air. Salt water is much gentler on the skin and hair than chlorine. Research shows that salt water is also better on the joints, and is more desirable for those with arthritis or people interested in aquatic rehab and Aquafit programs. With Salt water pools, you are also seeing minimal side effects; like the typical itchy skin and red eyes that often comes with chlorinated pools.


Aquatics at Mayfair


Registration is currently open!

Parent & Tot program, Preschool A-E & Swimmer 1-6

Start date Sept -Nov| Monday –Thurs 4.00-8.00| Sat – Sunday 9.00-6.00|

Our preschool levels are designs for students from ages 2-5. Students work on their floats, glides, flutter kicks, side breathing, front & back swim.

Our swimmer levels are for all swimmers ages 6+ Swimmers are taught the proper swim techniques and skills. Our swim instructors works with each child individually to make sure that they are taught the proper swimming skills and techniques.  Each student will be working on progressions steps throughout the session in order to accomplish the swim levels.  Private classes, Semi-private classes and or Group lessons are available. All classes are 30minutes, 45minutes or 1hour.

Sport Fundamental program

Start Date Sept – Nov| Monday – Sunday

Semi-private classes and or Group lessons are available.

The Sport program focuses on all stroke improvements, sprints and endurance changes. Participants will complete challenging skills sequences, covering all swim strokes and some pre-lifeguarding skills.

Rookie, Ranger & Ranger star

Start dates: Sept –Nov | Mon-Thur or Sat & Sun|

This course is for students who has completed all swim levels and are looking for a challenge. Swim patrol training puts your child en route to Lifeguarding.

Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion & Bronze Cross

Start date Sept –Nov | Sunday Times: 9.00-11:00|
Bronze medallion and Bronze Cross program programs are design for all candidates who are seeking a trill in the lifeguarding challenge.  Bronze star candidates must be 12yrs old. Bronze Med candidates must be 13 year of age & Bronze cross candidate must be 13+ and have bronze medallion +emergency first aid.)

Advanced swimming swim team

Sept –Nov | Tuesdays 6.30-7.30 OR Saturday 5.00-6.00|

This program is designed for swimmers who have completed all of their swim levels and want to improve their overall physical fitness in the water. The swim team provides a structured approach based on training principles and practices. Participants will be encouraged to set their own goals through interval training.

Adult fitness swim

Sept –Nov | Tuesday or Wednesday 7.00-8.00|

Must be a confident swimmer

The Adult fitness swim program is for individuals seeking an alternative to conventional fitness. The program is designed to enhance competitive swimming abilities, improve swim stroke technique and personal fitness. With proper training, you will build up endurance so you can swim continuously without stopping. You will also improve swim strokes and breathing through drills.

West Aquatics swim lesson referral program promotion

Refer a new swimmer and receive a $10.00 discount. (Referred students must be someone who has never taken swim lessons at Mayfair)