Mayfair Member Spotlight: Andrew Vasilevich

Member Spotlight Winner

Andrew Vasilevich is 77 years old and has been a member of Mayfair Lakeshore since 1998 – almost 20 years! We have chosen him to be our first Mayfair Member spotlight!

Why Andrew?

Andrew has had a very busy year! He was a member of the Canadian National Dragon Boat Team, both the men’s and the mixed team. He has been on the team for one year and has teammates from all over Canada from Halifax to Vancouver. Andrew and the team won 5 gold medals this year. They won medals in the 2000 metre race, the 500 metre race, and the 200 metre race. They also won Gold for the 2017 World Championships in China. Andrew’s particular team is the Senior C (members are aged 60 plus) and the team includes 20 paddlers for each boat. You can learn more about the Canadian National Dragon Boat team on the website here:

Dragon Boat Racing

Modern dragon boat racing is organised at an international level by the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) the world governing body for the Sport. Both Sport and Festival racing are very competitive and many paddlers train all year round and may use paddling machines or pools during the winter.

What Does it Take to be Good at Dragon Boat?

Paddlers need to hit the gym, take Crossfit classes, run, and/or swim. They need to train smart to build up their muscles and increase their stamina. Successful paddlers spend time in the gym pushing themselves to new limits. They recognize that building up their other paddling muscles will be a huge benefit to them on the boat. They work on their cardio so that they have the endurance to sprint!

What Does Andrew Do When He is At Mayfair?

  • He does his own workout and participates in the core fundamental class regularly
  • He comes to the gym 4-5 times a week on a regular basis
  • The gym & fitness are his main activities

Please congratulate Andrew if you see him around the club on this amazing accomplishment! Go Andrew!!!!