Mayfair Member Spotlight: Ben Silverberg

Mayfair Member Spotlight

Our member spotlight for the month of July is Ben Silverberg!

Why Ben?

Ben has been a Mayfair Clubs member for 14 years! You can usually catch him on the fitness floor working through a new exercise circuit. He regularly combines circuit training and weight training into his workout regimen to keep himself constantly challenged. In the last year alone, Ben has lost 30 pounds!

Ben’s Workouts

Ben keeps the weight low and uses high reps to avoid injury. By working muscles to exhaustion, he is able to build endurance and lean muscle. All of his workouts begin with a stretching period – something he believes is often overlooked by many, but is important in preventing injury and allowing for a full range of motion when exercising. Using both free and machine weights, Ben focuses on keeping his heart rate high to push him through his workouts. He then tops off each exercise session with a circuit of abdominal exercises.

Ben’s Favourite Things About Mayfair

Ben’s favourite things he’s experienced during his 14 years at Mayfair Clubs is the camaraderie and support of fellow members. As Ben says – “the routine of seeing members who become like family.” Dedicated to his fitness, Ben comes to Mayfair everyday. Monday – Friday around 8am to 9:30 am! Ben loves interacting with the same wonderful people everyday, he builds long-lasting friendships that extend beyond Mayfair Clubs. Ben also loves that the Club provides the right equipment and amenities for him to achieve his fitness goals. He also enjoys using the spa, to relax after a tough workout.

Ben Used Self Directed Training

Although Ben doesn’t require any help in regards to training, he states how welcoming it has been experiencing such friendly and encouraging trainers on the floor. He works hard and get’s results. Ben says the trainers have been great with offering kindness and warmth towards him on his fitness journey, and have been very complementary of his progress and success, they offer to assist wherever they can.

Ben’s Advice and Smoothie Recipe

Ben suggests combining Mayfair with nutrition. He has chosen to incorporate healthy smoothies into his daily eating routine and has gotten great results. One of Ben’s favorite smoothie recipe consists of:

  • *Large handfuls of both baby spinach and kale
  • *5-6 frozen blueberries
  • *1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • *1 teaspoon of chia seeds
  • *1 teaspoon golden flax seed powder
  • *Half a cinnamon stick
  • *1 tbsp almond butter
  • *1 tbsp tofu
  • *Half a banana
  • *1 tsp spirulina
  • Add water until the top of the mixing cup and blend

Exercise is only half the battle. Staying dedicated to nutritional eating habits is paramount to success in gaining or losing weight and developing muscle. Adding to this, sufficient protein intake can greatly influence muscle development and also minimizes soreness after a workout. Muscle requires protein to rebuild and grow. A 1-2 25g protein shake a day coupled with healthy meals will not only speed up recovery, but will allow you to progress faster. Protein and fiber from natural ingredients keeps you full and helps to build muscle.

If you see Ben around the club – ask him for more of his smoothie recipes!