Member Spotlight: Tiffany Ting

Mayfair Member Spotlight

Our Mayfair Member of the month is Tiffany Ting from Mayfair East’s High Performance Tennis Program!

Why Tiffany?

Tiffany Ting has been a member at Mayfair Clubs since she was 5 years old. She started tennis lessons with Milica Stamenic, and then with Akemi Seiriki. Recently in the Under 10 age group, she enrolled in her first OTA rookie tournament. She came home with the winner’s trophy dropping only two games in the entire tournament, sweeping 4 of her opponents. Two weeks later, she came home with the girls champion trophy in the next tournament!

Tiffany at Mayfair

Tiffany is currently with the Toronto Tennis Academy program at Mayfair East. She is sponsored by Yonex. She learned to swim at Mayfair West and then at Parkway with the ever so patient Simon.

You can spot Tiffany at the Parkway bistro sometimes, eating chicken fingers or a double chocolate chip cookie – her favourite!  

Life Outside the Club

When not at Mayfair, you will find Tiffany busy catching up on her favourite anime episodes or making new kinds of slime.

Recently, in the annual spring York region private schools track meet, Tiffany placed 4th out of 1,000+ students (boys and girls), and was the top female athlete, finishing with Gold or Silver in all her sprint, relay, and jump events. She also won the Principal’s award at her school, an award usually reserved for academic achievements.

Learn More About TTA at Mayfair

The Toronto Tennis Academy’s renowned High Performance Program at Mayfair Toronto East is run by one of Canada’s most respected coaches, Peter Cameron.

This tennis training program is for players between the ages of 5-14, who are ready for the challenge of playing competitive tennis. Held on weekdays after school, as well as on Sundays, this program aims to work on game fundamentals providing a solid foundation for players to build on.

East High Performance students will receive “walk-on privileges” throughout the course of the program. This allows High Performance juniors to book any court that is open after the first buzzer. The booking comes free of charge for students who meet the minimum program attendance requirements of two days per week.

For more information or to register, contact

*Membership required to participate in High Performance Program.