Virtual Marketplace & Gift Giving Guide

Spread Love By Shopping Local

We’ve made it easy for you to spread local love this holiday season to all the local businesses in our Mayfair Clubs community. Check out their business links below and consider purchasing a gift for a loved one. Not only will you be getting a great gift, you’ll also be supporting local businesses.

Lynndee’s Flowers

Lynndee, is an experienced certified professional floral designer located in the East end Beaches area of Toronto. Using only the highest-quality flowers and hard goods we guarantee your complete satisfaction. We prioritize quality over quantity of the products we make so that you will get the best products.


At preneLOVE, we take pride in creating the kinds of bags we’d want to have at our sides every day.  Stylish, sturdy, easy to take care of! 

Besides knowing your bag can stand up to real life, we love that our bags are also a great way to show off your very own personal style.  Whether it’s a pop of bright color on a belt bag, or a beautifully balanced neutral tote that will go with everything in your closet, we’re always introducing new designs and patterns to make sure you can find that one bag that’s totally you“.   One that you’ll truly love carrying.

Use the sale code of MAYFAIR and receive 50% off select bags.

Victory of the People

Victory of the People Jewelry is designed in Toronto by Nicoletta Papadaki and brought to life by a team of highly skilled craftspeople. Currently offered exclusively in 14K gold, known for its durability and beautiful colouring, it’s a collection made to delight and conquer. Victory of The People also specializes is repurposing, redesigning and repair services.

Wrapped In Moss

Sculptural plants and moss walls, hand made at my MosShop studio in Toronto. MossArt is a great gift for someone who just wants to to add greenery to their home or workspace. If you have a love for plants, but don’t consider yourself a ‘plant person’, this selection of preserved MossArt is for you, and a maintenance free gift for the holidays! 

Check them out at Mayfair Lakeshore on November 19th.

Mayfair Clubs

Give a Mayfair Gift Card with any denomination this holiday season to make it just the right gift for you and your loved ones! Mayfair Gift Cards can be used to gift loved ones Mayfair Clubs services and products. You can purchase gift certificates via email by contacting your Club Manager, either Jimmy at or Darlene at or David at

Wrist Revival

Gorgeous, stackable beaded roll-on bracelets, hand-made in Nepal. Half the fun is choosing them. DM me for a virtual or in-person appointment or check us out on instagram.

Head Bands & Wrist Bands

Choose from a variety of head bands and wrist bands from Nike and other leading brands. Bands help prevent sweat from making you lose your grip or getting in your eyes which could cost the game. This is a great stocking stuffing idea for the racquet sports player in your life.

Kids Sports Camps

Kids and parents alike love our Holiday Break and Summer Sports Camps. Treat the kid in your life to a fun filled week of camp at Mayfair Clubs. We have gift certificates that can be used by members and non-members alike. Pricing starts at $75 per day. Visit our Kids Camps page for more information and pricing.

Kids Wilson Tennis Racquets

We offer a large selection of Wilson Tennis Racquets in sizing for Kids. Children’s tennis racquets are lighter and easier to use than adult versions. Shorter handles are easier to grip for smaller hands and larger heads (the area with strings) provide a bigger sweet spot that are ideal for beginners learning to play the game. Available at the Lakeshore and Parkway Sports Shops.

Mayfair Clubs Gear

Wear your Mayfair Clubs pride with a branded item from our Sports Shop. Choose from a variety of Mayfair Branded Gear including Kids Hoodies, Water Bottles, and Hats.

Fascial Stretch Session

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)™ is an innovative system of manual techniques and stretches which focuses on the muscles and connective tissue that surround joints. This therapy is ideal for those wishing to improve functional flexibility, sports performance, reduce recovery time and prevent injury. Stress from poor posture, lack of exercise, injury, surgery or overtraining can cause fascia to thicken and shorten, resulting in increased tightness, strains and tears. A package of three 30 minute sessions starts at $150+tax.

Pickleball Paddles

We sell a variety of Pickleball Paddles in our Mayfair Lakeshore and Parkway Sports Shops. A new Pickleball paddle would be a great gift for someone who is just getting started or is already a pro in the game! Ask our Sports Shop team to help you pick the right paddle based on level of play.

Tennis Lessons

Whether for yourself or a special person in your life, private or group tennis lessons or clinics are a great way to meet new people and improve your game. We have a variety of certified Tennis Canada teaching pros that are available for lessons. Private lessons for Adults start at $85/hour.

Personal Training Session

A Personal Training package with one of our certified Personal Trainers is a wonderful gift idea for someone who is looking to get back into their fitness routine or someone who is trying to get to the next level. Intro packages for 3 private sessions start at $225+tax.

Squash Lessons

Whether for yourself or a special kid in your life, private or group squash lessons are a great way to meet new people and improve your game. We have a variety of certified Squash Ontario teaching pros that are available for lessons.

Mayfair Clubs Gift Baskets

Choose from a variety of ready-made and custom Gift Baskets with luxury products from our Wellness Spas. You can purchase gift baskets via email by contacting your Club Manager, either Jimmy at or Darlene at

Theragun Massager

The Theragun is a massage device that uses percussive massage therapy to treat muscle soreness and relieve pain. The tool has increasingly been used by everyone – from professional athletes to weekend warriors and everyone in between. We sell a variety of models in our Parkway and Lakeshore Sports Shops.

Tennis Bags

We offer a large selection of Tennis Bags in a variety of styles and colours. This makes a great gift for the Tennis player in your life or treat yourself! Available at the Lakeshore and Parkway Sports Shops.

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