Mayfair Clubs Tournament of Champions

May 2018

Tournament of Champions

The Tournament of Champions was a huge success this past weekend. We had an incredible time with a full day of competition and a celebration to remember! We had 149 entries and 138 Mayfair member players took part in the event. Be sure to see the photo album from the event up on our facebook page!

Congrats to all the members who competed in the Tournament of Champions and to Mayfair Parkway & East for taking home the Championship Cup!

Results are as follows:


Hideko & Kumiko, Porche & Maureen


Men’s Open Singles

  1. Alex – Lakeshore
  2. Anton – Lakeshore

Men’s B Singles

  1. Geoff – Parkway
  2. Kevin – Parkway

Women’s A Singles

  1. Lisa – Lakeshore
  2. Andreea – Parkway

Women’s B Singles

  1. Anne Mette – Lakeshore
  2. Melissa – Lakeshore

Men’s A Doubles

  1. Andrew / Nic – Lakeshore
  2. Dave / Francisco – Lakeshore

Men’s B Doubles

  1. David / Francis – Parkway
  2. Dale / Anders – Lakeshore

Women’s A Doubles

  1. Donna/ Alison – Lakeshore
  2. Krissy/ Sarah – Lakeshore

Women’s B Doubles

  1. Porche/ Maureen – Parkway/Lakeshore
  2. Hideko/ Kumiko – West

Mixed A Doubles

  1. Vanessa/ Noble  – Parkway
  2. Sandra/ Scott  – Lakeshore

Mixed B Doubles

  1. Laura/ Thomas – Lakeshore
  2. Yu/ Yi  – Parkway


There were nine categories in all and Mayfair Parkway won 8-1. The last singles match was between junior international player Elliott Hunt from Mayfair Parkway, who was just selected to represent Canada in the upcoming Junior Pan AM Games in Brazil, versus Lakeshore Squash Pro Sudharsan Iyyandurai “Sud” on his birthday! It was nice to end the day with such a high-level match between two home grown players!

Sud and E
Sudharsan & Elliott


Men’s A Singles

1) Elliott (Parkway)

Men’s B Singles

1) Rob (Parkway)

Women’s A Singles

1) Sue (Parkway)
2) Michelle (Lakeshore)

Men’s A Doubles

1) Al and Elliott (Parkway)
2) Scott and Derek (Lakeshore)

Women’s A Doubles

1) Abi and Nicole (Parkway)
2) Leslie and Cathy (Lakeshore)

Men’s B Doubles

1) Prem and Doug (Lakeshore)
2) Nicole and Alfredo (Parkway)

Women’s B Doubles

1) Abi Krol and Laurie (Parkway)
2) Lisa and Julie (Lakeshore)

Mixed A Doubles
1) Julie and Nadir (Parkway)
2) Brenda and Geordie (Lakeshore)
Mixed B Doubles
1) Abi and Alfredo (Parkway)
2) Sue and Nadir (Parkway)


Lorne & Darren



  • A Winner: Darren (West)
  • Runner Up: Lorne (Parkway)
  • B Winner: Lyle (West)
  • Runner Up: Eric (Parkway)


  • Winner: Tanya (Parkway)
  • Runner Up: Lisa (Lakeshore)


Pickleball Champions


  • Winner: Ian & Dave (West)
  • Runner Up: Darren & Lorne (West)


  • Winner: Dave & Sharona (West)
  • Runner Up: Mike & Susan (West)


  • Winner: Sharona & Susan (Parkway)
  • Runner Up: Cathy and Sandy (Lakeshore)
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