What's Happening at Mayfair West

June 2022

    • Club Features

      Member Spotlight: Gillian Tessis

      We chose to spotlight our long time Mayfair West member, Gillian Tessis for our June Member Spotlight. Read her story.

      Expert Corner: Daniel Lavee

      Our expert of the month is World Champion Bridge Player, Daniel Lavee! Read his story about his recent trip to Italy to represent Canada on the “Open” team at the 45th World Team Championships in Salsomaggiore.

      Registration Now Open | PA Day & Summer Camps

      • Spring PA Day Camp THIS FRIDAY!
      • Summer Camp June 27 – Sept 2
      • Learn more and register online via our website.

      Sports Clinic | Welcome New RMT Jet Gonzales

      Starting now, Jet will be available for RMT appointments on Wednesdays and Fridays from 9am – 5pm. Call to book (416) 638-1010 or email spawest@mayfairclubs.com.
      Jet Gonzales, RMT

    • Tennis Updates

      Registration Open for Summer Tennis Camps

      Looking to give your kids something fun to do over the Summer? Sign them up for our tennis camps! Morning and full-day campers receive small-group tennis instruction and a hot lunch. Afternoon-only campers get to end their day with a splash as we offer an hour of recreational swim.

      We offer a 4:1 ratio Advanced Camp for kids that are comfortable rallying from the baseline, ages 9-16. Beginner camps are for ages 4-16 and kids will be grouped appropriately at a 6:1 ratio according to age and ability.

      Please note that we only offer full-week registration options. If you’re looking for more flexible options, you’re welcome to sign up for our Multi-Sport, Splash & Laugh, Basketball and Tiny Tot Camps.

      To register, visit our website or contact Josh Weissman at jweissman@mayfairclubs.com or via phone at 416-638-1010 ext. 4245.

      Adult Practices and Clinics

      Most of our adult practices, group clinics and Live Ball classes will be running throughout the Summer. To sign up for any of these great programs, please log into your Mayfair Clubs mobile app and select the “Programs” option.

      For more information, contact Ken Crosina at (416) 638-1010 ext. 4247 or via e-mail at kcrosina@mayfairclubs.com

      Mayfair West Challenge Ladder

      Our Co-ed Summer Ladder begins on June 6th and runs for three months. Players will be grouped monthly for match play based on playing level and will be moved up and down the ladder based on their results each month. We offer monthly and session prizing for top point-getters. The cost to join the ladder from June to September is only $30 + HST. For those that played only one ladder month in April/May, the cost for the Summer Ladder is $20 + HST. You can sign up by contacting Josh Weissman at jweissman@mayfairclubs.com or call (416) 638-1010 ext. 4245.

      Summer Play Pass & Lesson Packages

      June 1 – September 9

      Sign up for our unlimited Summer Play Pass to book unlimited court hours at a prepaid cost of $299 + HST from June 1st to September 9th. (restrictions apply)

      We also offer affordable packages of 10 prepaid private lessons.

      To sign up, visit our website.

    • Group Fitness

      Virtual Fitness Update

      As of June 6th, we will no longer be broadcasting Virtual classes from our East Studio. Instead, moving forward we will be streaming live, HYBRID In Club classes from our Parkway and West Group Fitness Studios.
      Our Group Fitness Class Schedule will include an expanded number of Hybrid classes moving forward. You can find Hybrid classes, along with all other in-studio classes on the Mayfair App.

      As of June 6th, the following classes will no longer be offered (below):

      • Monday and Friday 9:30am Boot Camp with Martine
      • Wednesday 9:30am Pilates with Sofia
      • Thursday 9:30am Dance Party with Al
      • Monday, Wednesday, 1:00pm and Friday 2:00pm with Connor
      As of June 6th, the new expanded HYBRID Virtual Class schedule will go into effect and will be as per the NEW SCHEDULE.

      NEW! Barrelotes Class with Gabriella | Fridays at 5:30pm 

      Available | 1 HR | Wednesdays at 6pm, Fridays at 5:30pm and Saturday at 9:00am with Gabriella Acre

      Barrelotes is a balanced fusion of ballet barre work that helps strengthen legs and glutes, and Pilates, which is designed to build a strong core and body awareness. This is a full body workout. See the full group exercise schedule at mayfairclubs.com.

      NEW! Threading and Shredding with Beth Bokser

      Available | 1 HR | Tuesdays at 5pm with Beth Bokser

      It’s a high energy and high intensity full body workout that targets strength, cardio, endurance, core and functional training! This class is for you if you want a real challenge. It is comprised of a combination of cardio drills on a treadmill, strength, and functional workout modalities using dumbbells, Slam Balls Bodyweight and more.  It is taught by Beth Bokser, one of Mayfair West’s top instructors. Not to be missed. See the full group exercise schedule at mayfairclubs.com.

      Group Cycling Classes

      Welcome Back David Newton 

      Available | 50 Minutes | Wednesday evening at 6pm

      Cycle Fit cycling classes are an excellent way to enhance your cardiovascular fitness and improve your lower body strength. 45 to 60 minutes of traditional cycling drills to work the heart and lungs together with the large muscle groups of the legs. See the full group exercise schedule at mayfairclubs.com.

      Therapeutic Yoga with David Newton

      Available | 1HR | Wednesdays at 7pm

      On Wednesday Therapeutic Yoga is the perfect rehab/prehab practice for those living with or looking to prevent injury or illness. This class combines restorative yoga, breath work, fascial release, rolling, and the use of blocks and straps. A great way to reduce stress and bring the body back into balance. On Saturday Join David for his Yoga class at 10:30 right after his Cycle. See the full group exercise schedule at mayfairclubs.com.

      Vinyasa Flow

      Available | 1 HR | Saturday at 10:30am with Gabriella Acre

      Promote your bodies awareness through precise and mindful physical movements. This class, delivered in a flow style of movement, helps develop flexibility, strength as well as tone your muscles and find balance in body and mind. See the full group exercise schedule at mayfairclubs.com.



    • Personal Training Updates

      NEW! Personal Training Packages 

      Court Fit for Tennis Players

      Stay on the court with more time conditioning in the gym. Book our Court Fit Personal Training package for $225 (+tax). Package includes 3 one-hour sessions of one-on-one time with a Personal Trainer. Learn preventative, functional training exercises to keep you fit for your time on the court. Learn More.

      Small Group Training for Teens with Sandean

      Saturdays  10:00am – 11:00am or Thursdays 6:00pm – 7:00pm | 4 weeks | $140+HST

      Have a teenager in your life that would like to get in shape? This 4-week program is designed for youth between the ages of 13-17 years of age. This program will bridge the gap between athletic desire and performance through functional training coupled with strength and conditioning coaching.

      To book a session contact Kerry Lloyd at 416-638-1010 ext 225 or via email at klloyd@mayfairclubs.com.

      Welcome Sandean to the West PT Team!

      A passion rooted in physical health and mental wellness is what drives Sandean, a Kinesiology and Psychology Bachelor’s of Health Science Graduate from The University of Western Ontario. She is a Kinesiologist, CANFITPRO Personal Training Specialist, Group Fitness Trainer and a Registered 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Instructor.

      Sandean’s goal is to efficiently provide tools for individuals to strengthen and condition their body. She aims to incorporate a blend of joint mobilizations, breathing techniques and physical exercises in a way that can become a lifestyle to enhance wellness.

      Sandean has gained experience as a sports yoga coach working with soccer, basketball, volleyball as well as track and field athletes for Grassroots Canada, Crestwood Preparatory College and PureSkills Athletics. She has worked in the clinical setting as a Kinesiologist and Exercise Therapist, providing weekly rehabilitation for individuals with Lower Back and Shoulder discomfort, Plantar Fasciitis, Rotator Cuff Tears, Meniscus Tears, Knee and Hip Replacement Rehabilitation, Sports Rehabilitation, Stroke, Parkinson’s and variations of Neuropathy.

      In her leisure time, Sandean loves to practice yoga, play badminton, explore new cultures and listen to audiobooks.

      To book a session contact Kerry Lloyd at 416-638-1010 ext 225 or via email at klloyd@mayfairclubs.com.

    • Swim Updates

      Spring Session Swimming Lesson

      Our spring session is currently underway and there is still room to enroll!

      To register for our spring session, please submit your form to westaquatics@mayfairclubs.com

      The Spring Session runs from April – June

      • Monday – Thursday from 4:30pm-8:00pm
      • Saturday – Sunday from 9:00am-6:00pm

      We are currently offering Private and Semi-private classes for our spring session.

      Summer Swim Lessons

      Summer registration will be open as of June 6th. Weekday lessons will be offered from 4:00-7:00pm & 9:00am-5:30pm on weekends.

      Summer swim classes will be offered as follows:

      Intensive Lessons Monday-Friday for a 2-week Period

      (9 lessons + 1 make up – except for August 2-12)

      • July 4-15 Session 1
      • July 18-29 Session 2
      • August 2-12 Session 3
      • August 15-26 Session 4


      • July 4/6/11/13/18/20 – 6 classes total
      • August 8/10/15/17/22/24 – 6 classes total


      • July 5/7/12/14/19/21 – 6 classes total
      • August 8/11/16/18/23/25 – 6 classes total


      • July 9/16/23/30/Aug 6/13 -6 classes total


      • July 10/17/24/31/Aug 7/14 – 6 classes total

      PA DAY – Splash & Laugh Camp

      This spring, Mayfair will be offering a Splash & Laugh camp on June 3rd – 9:00am-4:00pm.  To register in our PA DAY Camp, please visit our website to enroll and to also view all other camps that will be offered during this time.

      Bronze Medallion/Cross Course

      An intensive Bronze Medallion/Cross course will be offered from July 15-17th.

      If you’d like to register for this program, please submit your registration form to westaquatics@mayfairclubs.com

      Preschool A-E & Swimmer 1-6

      Monday – Thursday | Saturday & Sunday

      • Our preschool levels are designed for students from ages 2-5. Students work on their floats, glides, flutter kicks, side breathing, front & back swim.
      • Our swimmer levels are for all swimmers aged 6+. Swimmers are taught proper swim techniques and skills. Our swim instructors work with each child individually to ensure adequate progression. Each student will be working on developmental steps throughout the session in order to accomplish the swim levels. Private classes, Semi-private classes and or Group lessons are available. All classes are 30minutes, 45minutes.
      • Email westaquatics@mayfairclubs.com to register.

      Sport Fundamental Program

      Monday – Thursday | 3:30pm – 8:30pm

      Semi-private classes and or group lessons are available.

      The Sport program focuses on all stroke improvements, sprints, and endurance changes. Participants will complete challenging skills sequences, covering all swim strokes and some pre-lifeguarding skills. Email westaquatics@mayfairclubs.com to register.

      Rookie, Ranger & Ranger Star

      Monday – Thursday 3:30pm – 8:30pm

      This course is for students who have completed all swim levels and are looking for a challenge. Swim patrol training puts your child on route to Lifeguarding. These courses include a first aid component and swim technique component. Email westaquatics@mayfairclubs.com to register.

      Advanced Swimming – Swim Team

      Monday – Thursday | 3:30pm – 8:30pm

      This program is designed for swimmers who have completed all their swim levels and want to improve their overall physical fitness in the water. The swim team provides a structured approach based on training principles and practices. Participants will be encouraged to set their own goals through interval training. Email westaquatics@mayfairclubs.com to register.

      Adult FITness Swim

      The adult fitness swim program is for individuals seeking an alternative to conventional fitness. The program is designed to enhance swimming abilities, improve swim stroke technique and personal fitness. With proper training, you will build up endurance so you can swim continuously without stopping. You will also improve swim strokes and breathing through drills. Email westaquatics@mayfairclubs.com to register.

    • Wellness Spa & Sports Clinic

      Wellness Spa | Book Hair with Robert

      • Accepting bookings for Hair and Colour Treatments with Robert Belicano on Mondays & Fridays from 10:00am – 5:00pm. Book online, call us at (416) 638-1010 or email spawest@mayfairclubs.com.

      Wellness Spa | Book Esthetics with Patty

      • Our Spa welcomes our NEW Esthetician Patty Arvanitis. Patty is an experienced Esthetician with 14 years of experience with all Spa services including facials, waxing, manicures and pedicures. Patty is available on Fridays 10:00 am – 3:00 pm. Book online, call us at (416) 638-1010 or email spawest@mayfairclubs.com.
      • NEW! Enjoy a complimentary polish change and hand massage in our Mayfair West Spa. Book by calling us at (416) 638-1010 or by email spawest@mayfairclubs.com.

      Sports Clinic | Book Chiro with Dr. Melissa Cutler

      Tuesday & Thursday: 12:30pm – 6:30pm
      Wednesday: 9:30am – 12:30pm
      Friday 1:30pm – 4:30pm
      8:30am – 9:30am Tuesday/Thursday per request.
      Call us at (416) 638-1010 or email spawest@mayfairclubs.com.

      Sports Clinic | Welcome New RMT Jet Gonzales

      Starting now, Jet will be available for RMT appointments on Wednesdays and Fridays from 9am – 5pm. Call to book (416) 638-1010 or email spawest@mayfairclubs.com.

    • Bistro Updates

      It’s almost Summer!  Exciting specials are in full swing, Come in and see what’s smelling so good!  The smoothies are great for before and after a workout or any time of day.

    • Pickleball

      Want to Meet More Mayfair Pickleball Players? Join our New – Mayfair Wide – Game Arrange Group!

      • Meet players from Mayfair Lakeshore, Parkway/ East and West.
      • If you want to join, check out the attached Game Arrange Flyer and send us your info!
      • We are starting this from scratch, so if you have signed up before, please do it again so we know you would like to still be a part of it.
      • Please note: By requesting to be a part of our Mayfair Pickleball Game Arrange Group, you consent to allow for the sharing of your name, phone number and email address with other players in this group. Please visit our Privacy Policy for more information.

      Mayfair Pickleball Inner Circle!

      If you’d like to be the first to know about everything Pickleball at Mayfair, take part in our monthly HEAD contests and more – join our exclusive mailing list

      Pickleball Round Robins at West

      Weekend Competitive Pickleball League – Friday Nights

      June 3, 10, 17 & 24

      • At Mayfair West featuring 8 pickleball courts!
      • Led by Mark and Daniel Gottfried
      • The league is broken out into 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0+ levels
      • Drop-in rates … Members $26 and Non-member $30
      • Email Mark Gottfried for more information and to register at markgottfried63@gmail.com

      Thursday June 9 – HEAD/Penn Round Robin and Dinner in the Bistro with Live Music! (LAKESHORE)

        • Round Robin  6 – 8 pm …. Buffet Dinner starts  at 8 pm
        • All Levels. Organized Round Robin with awesome HEAD and Penn Prizes AND Door Prizes!
        • 4 Courts – Outdoors at Mayfair Lakeshore
        • Members: $29 + HST per person Non-members and Uptown: $39 + HST per person
        • Maximum of 24 players – wait list will start once the list is full
        • Email  pickleball@mayfairclubs.com.

    • Kids Program Updates

      Host Your Next Birthday Party at Mayfair Clubs

      At Mayfair, we know that Birthdays only come around once a year. That’s why we go out of our way to make sure that your child’s special day is one that will be remembered for years to come. Our fun-loving and helpful staff is always on hand to make sure that everyone at your party has a great time. Exciting, action packed and more fun than you can imagine – there really isn’t any party like a Mayfair Birthday Party. Learn more.

      West Kids Basketball

      Our Basketball program offers a low teacher to student ration, which allows players to quickly progress in their game. Each class is one hour in length, and will be customized to fit the needs of each participant. Basketball training will help players improve their shooting, passing, agility, rebounding and more! Choose from private, one-on-one or semi private instruction. Learn more.

      West Multi Sports Summer Camp

      Our multi-sport camp program provides a safe and fun environment for growth and development in a variety of sports. Lead by our team of creative program leaders and certified instructors, Mayfair camps are designed to meet the needs of all levels of play for children aged 4 to 12. Learn more.

      West Tiny Tots Summer Camp

      Tiny Tots Mini Program is a half-day program for children between the ages of 2 to 5 years old. Children will enjoy skill building activities, such as fun games and creative time. Learn more.

      West Tennis Summer Camp

      Our certified instructors will provide customized coaching to help juniors & elite players sharpen their skills and build a solid foundation for technique & form. Each camp will be customized to the level of players. Learn more.

      West Advanced Tennis Camp

      Participants will have fun in our Advanced Tennis Camp as they develop their tennis skills. Our camp offers your child a place to improve their game, as they learn from certified tennis professionals in a dynamic environment. Learn more.

      West Splash & Laugh Camp

      Students will learn to swim & strengthen their skills with certified instructors, in a fun and safe environment. Learn more.

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