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Message from
the President

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"It is an honour for me to carry on the legacy of Mayfair Clubs. I am so proud of how far Mayfair has come and that our clubs continue to be welcoming spaces for many individuals and families to enjoy active living and sport! I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Mayfair. Thank you to everyone who helped us reach this incredible milestone."

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- Melissa Raghurai. President and CEO
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Our History

The Mayfair Journey Begins.
Mayfair Clubs Opening symbol

The First Mayfair Racquet Club Opens

Like-minded business partners and avid tennis fans open Mayfair Racquet Club in the city of Toronto.

Mayfair Clubs Original- Tennis Courts at Mayfair North

Original Tennis Courts at Mayfair North

Picture of the Mayfair Tennis Courts in the 1970s.

Mayfair Clubs Original- West Location Building

Mayfair West was added

The Club’s first expansion effort was Mayfair West in 1972 when squash courts were added.

Mayfair Clubs Tennis in the 80s

Fitness at Mayfair

Mayfair adds “Men’s morning workout” along with our Tennis offerings.

Our Strength is Our Members.
Inaugural Squash Doubles Match

Inaugural Squash Doubles Match

In the photo, from left to right, Ken Murray, Barbara Diggens, George Miller, Ray Pozzo

Mayfair Clubs Tennis in the 80s

Women’s Indoor East League Champions

A-2 Division Championship (1989/1990 season).

Mayfair Clubs Tennis in the 80s

Mayfair Adds Step Aerobics

Class at Mayfair Lakeshore, Fall 1989.

Mayfair expands their services
Frst Responsive Timeline

Lakeshore Adds a Swimming Pool To Their Offerings

In this image, workmen construct the framework for the new pool.

Frst Responsive Timeline

Mayfair Opens Its First Sport Shop

Offerings include racquets, clothing and accessories.

Frst Responsive Timeline

Mayfair Adds Water Activities

Scene from the Iron Team Competition, late 80’s.

2000's - Present
Mayfair makes a mark
Award of Recongition to Tennis 2010

Mayfair is Recognized

In 2010 Mayfair received 'Special Recongition Award' from Tennis Canada in recognition of Mayfair's efforts and dedication to tennis in Canada.

Frst Responsive Timeline

Mayfair Continues To Evolve with Modern Upgrades

Mayfair upgrades Mayfair West in 2018 to include new equipment, lighting, and an indoor track!

Mayfair - More Than Great Tennis

Mayfair Clubs is featured during the Rogers Cup in 2018, highlighting our service offerings, facilities and more.