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    All Guests will need to complete the Guest Information and Waiver Form and submit the completed form to the Club where you are playing prior to arrival:

    Ontario Government Stage II Opening Announcement (All Locations)

    We are excited to announce that the latest update from the government for the Province of Ontario has given the go ahead for Toronto and Peel regions to move to Stage II of the Reopening Plan.

    This update applies to all our locations:

    • As of June 24, 2020 Doubles Play is now allowed at all locations. Please review the revised Stage II Tennis Policies.
    • As of June 24, 2020 our Wellness Spa and Salon is reopening at al locations. Please visit our Wellness Spa page on our website for more details.

    How Are Membership Agreements Being Handled?

    • Platinum Tennis Memberships for Members 13 years of age and over will be reactivated as of May 19th, 2020.
    • Platinum Tennis Members aged 4-12 years of age can be reactivated upon written request for casual tennis play or for tennis lessons.
    • Bronze Fitness and Squash Memberships will remain on hold until further notice.
    • Members can request in writing via Club Managers to use our COVID Leave Of Absence upon reopening if they do not plan an immediate return to the club.

    How Is Membership Billing Being Handled?

    Re-Activation of Membership Billing – Platinum Members Only
    All Platinum Tennis memberships for Members aged 13 years and over were reactivated on May 19th, with the exception of those who have requested a COVID-19 Leave of Absence. For Platinum Memberships, billing will be run in early June, but will be retroactive to May 19th. Prior to payments being processed, membership billing dates will be adjusted to reflect the closure period for all active Monthly and Annual Memberships.

    Platinum Tennis Members aged 4-12 years of age can be reactivated upon written request for casual tennis play. For those taking tennis lessons or participating in high performance tennis, all memberships will be activated.

    Membership Billing Continued on Hold
    Membership billing for services that have yet to resume as of Stage 1 will not commence until those services are re-opened. For example, Bronze Fitness Membership, Squash Membership, and Locker Billing remains on hold until further notice.

    COVID-19 Leave of Absence Requests 
    Members can request, in writing via Club Managers, to use our COVID-19 Leave Of Absence upon re-opening if they do not plan an immediate return to the club. Those requests received by May 28th will be processed as of May 19th and prior to membership billing being run. Those requests received after May 28th will be processed as of the date received.

    What Member Services Will Be Accessible in Stage II?

    As of Phase II, the following services will be available. Please note: Date of reopening varies by club and by service.

    • All tennis courts are open for Lessons, Singles and Doubles Play
    • Swimming Pools (Lane and Family Swim Only, Must Reserve Time slot)
    • Lakeshore Bistro
    • Wellness Spa and Salon
    • Sports Clinics
    • Squash facilities
    • Summer Play Passes and Lesson Packages will be available for June 1 – September 15, 2020
    • Parking Lot
    • Sport Shop by Appointment via Front Desk Only
    • West Members Only: Decal holders can park in the back at Mayfair West but will have to enter at front door
    • Washroom (Toilets & Sinks Only)
    • No gathering or lingering will be allowed in the facilities
    • Online Resources will continue to be available
    • Stage II hours for all facilities are as follows:
      • Monday – Thursday: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm
      • Friday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
      • Saturday – Sunday: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

    What Member Services Will NOT Be Accessible in Stage II?

    • Bistros (West and Parkway only)
    • Towel Service (Members should bring their own)
    • Locker Rooms (including rental & day lockers and wet areas)
      • For those with rental lockers who wish to remove your belongings for use during the locker room closure, please contact the Club Manager to arrange an appointment.
    • Kids Programs including Camps and Kids Space
    • Group Fitness
    • Personal Training
    • Fitness Center
    • Multi Gym

    Member Health & Safety Policies – Stage II

    • All members will be manually checked-in by Front Desk.
    • Upon entry of each visit, Members and Staff will be required to:
      • Have body temperature taken;
      • Be asked Health Screening Questions;
      • The Club reserves the right to refuse entry to members or staff based on the results of the above.
    • Members are required to wear a mask or full face visor while entering and exiting the Club (members must have their own mask or visor on prior to entering the Club).
    • Members under the age of 13 MUST BE accompanied by a parent or guardian while entering the club to assist in completing the Health Declaration Form at the Front Desk.
    • When using the facilities, it is recommended that Members wear full fingered gloves.
    • Members must practice Social Distancing when entering the facilities and when using the facilities inside the club.  
    • Members must abide by all floor markers and signage.
    • There is no changing or showering allow in the Club at this time. Sinks are for hand washing only.
    • Water fountains are only available to refill water bottles (bubblers not available).
    • No gathering or lingering is allowed in the Clubs.
    • Basic practices are expected of all members and staff:
      • Regular hand washing with soap
      • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue or your elbow
      • Avoiding touching your eyes, nose, face or mouth
      • Stay at home if you’re sick, if you’ve been told to quarantine, if you’ve been around someone showing cold or flu symptoms or if you’ve traveled in the last 14 days
    • Due to member and staff safety concerns, the Club reserves the right to suspend the membership of anyone found to be in violation of club rules or amended policies.

    Guests Policy and Waiver Form

    Mayfair will be Reinstating Guest Policy for Tennis Only. If you would like to bring a guest to our facilities, you and your guest will need to follow the same Mayfair Member Health and Safety policies for usage of our facilities in additional to our policies for Guests.

    Before Your Visit:
    All Guests will need to complete our online Guest Waiver and Information form to the Club where you are playing prior to arrival:

    If you have questions, you can also email the Front Desk:

    • Lakeshore Front Desk –
    • West Front Desk –
    • Parkway Front Desk –
    • East Front Desk –

    During Your Visit:
    Please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your court booking so that you can complete the Guest intake process. Members must arrive together with their guests.

    Guest Policy:

    • All Guest fees will be charged to the hosting Mayfair Member.
    • Upon Check-in:
    • Guests to provide Mayfair Clubs with valid Photo ID
    • Completed Guest Waivers emailed to Front Desk prior to arrival
    • Guest Passes cannot be used at this time
    • Guests may visit Mayfair Clubs once each month to a maximum of 6 times within a 12 month period
    • Members are to accompany their Guest at check-in and while the Guest is in the Club at all times
    • Guests 17 years of age & under (minor) must be accompanied by a Parent
    • Member upon check-in and while in the Club

    For the complete Guest Policy information or if you have additional questions, please speak with your Club Manager.

    Facility Readiness

    • All of our facilities have implemented health and safety precautions such as acrylic barriers installed at our front desks, social distancing signage posted throughout the clubs.
    • We have implemented new health and safety policies for both our members and staff to ensure a safe place.
    • Our front line staff and facilities teams have received updated workplace safety training based on new regulations from the Canadian Government.
    • To ensure the safety of our members and staff, our facilities have implemented an enhanced daily cleaning and sanitizing schedule.
    • We’ve reviewed and implemented, where applicable to our facilities, health and safety policies from the Provincial Government, Public Health, Tennis Canada and the Ontario Tennis Association.

    Stage II Policies for Tennis:

    • Members must leave the court by the end of the first buzzer.
    • Members can only enter the court on or after the second buzzer.
    • Each court will have a designated waiting area in the tennis hallway (indicated by floor markers). Members should be in the waiting area prior to the first buzzer to assist in social distancing.
    • For the safety of our Members, all detachable benches and score cards have been removed from courts – please do not use any of our built in benches.
    • It is recommended that Members use their racquet or tennis bag to open the entry curtain onto the courts. 
    • Court divider nets must remain closed at all times.
    • It is recommended that each player have their own can of balls with a unique identifying mark (initials, symbol) and ideally from different companies for easy identification. Players should only touch their own tennis balls.
    • Doubles play is now permitted. All players must review the Guidelines for Doubles Play from the OTA.
    • All players must review our Tennis Policies for Phase II play.
    • Masks can be taken off once play has begun and only when on court.
    • The club will not be supplying ball tubes during this time.
    • No walk-ons are allowed. All courts must be booked via the Mayfair Clubs Member App prior to entering the club.
    • No physical contact (high five’s, handshakes, etc.) will be allowed.
    • No changing sides of the court.
    • All participants of a court booking need to be registered via Motion Vibe before entering the club and need to complete Release of Liability Form.
    • Children 8 years of age and under can be accompanied by a maximum of one guardian when visiting the Club.  Guardians must wait in the lobby or viewing gallery, they cannot be on court.
    • Children 9 years of age and over, can be taken into the Club by an adult. The adult cannot wait in the Club for them during their lesson or play.
    • Children having private or semi private lessons aged 12 and under may have a parent present on court.
    • The Club will continue to evaluate these policies and reserves the right to modify as needed without prior notice.
    • Due to member and staff safety concerns, the Club reserves the right to suspend the membership of anyone found to be in violation of these club rules or policies.

    Need More Information?

    For more information, please contact your Club Manager.