Kids Swim Lessons and Programs

We offer a variety of kids programs for kids aged 4 months and up at all skill levels. We offer private, semi-private, and group lessons (ratio 3:1) in our warm, saltwater pools.

All of our instructors are certified through the Lifesaving Society. Lessons run within 4 sessions per year, with 9 classes offered per session.

Lifesaving Society Swimming Lessons

We run Lifesaving Society programming including a swim for life program, which stresses lots of in-water practice to develop solid swimming strokes and skills in a fun learning environment. Our qualified staff incorporates valuable Water Smart education that will last a lifetime.

There are 5 modules in the Lifesaving Society Swim for Life® program:

  • Parent and Tot 1, 2, 3 (for parents and children up to 3 years of age) – 30 minutes
  • Preschool 1-5 (for children 3-5 years) – 30 minutes
  • Swimmer 1-6 (for children 5 years and older) – 45 minutes
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Rookie, Ranger, Star Class, Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross (see descriptions below)

Not Sure Which Level?

Use our Swim Conversion Chart to help you determine the right level for yourself or your child.

Swimming Lessons Schedules

  • Lessons run once a week for a period of 9 weeks plus 1 make-up class
  • Monday – Friday 4:00pm -8:00pm
  • Saturday & Sunday 9:00-6:00pm
  • Choose either 30 minute class or 45 minute class
  • Classes are offered to kids ages 4 months and up
  • We have four seasonal sessions: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer, for participants of all ages.
  • We offer online report cards so that parents can track the progress of their child’s swim journey.

Report Cards Now Online

  • Convenience – view your child’s report at any time.
  • Progress – see your child’s progress as they complete each level.
  • Record of progressive report – both instructors and parents will always have a record of your child’s progressive report.
  • Reports are published online where they can be viewed anytime, and can’t be misplaced.
  • Parkway Report Cards | Lakeshore Report Cards | West Report Cards

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