We have both structured and unstructured play options for basketball, hockey, volleyball, and more!

Multi-Gym Sports at Mayfair Clubs

Mayfair Multi-Gym programming is about your best pick-up games ever, played each day by all ages in a supervised environment.

Multi-sport gym


Here is road hockey without cars and asphalt! How about dodgeball…or indoor soccer, or pickleball?  We’ve got half-court and streetball hoops; ping-pong; badminton, along with open gym periods for choose-’em games of all kinds.

It’s simple to sign up…easy to join in…and fun to take part.

Sports Supervisor

Jonathan Clarke, Lakeshore aquatics & sports Manager

Aquatics & Sports Manager,
Toronto Lakeshore

Placeholder for West Aquatics Manager
Sally Weissman

Sport and Recreation Manager,
Toronto West

TBD, Parkway aquatics supervisor
Alisha D’Aversa

Sports Supervisor,
Toronto Parkway

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