Adult Squash

The Number-One Healthiest Sport to Play

Squash at Mayfair Clubs

Adult Squash

Meet new members and become a part of the thriving Toronto squash community.
Whether you are a hardened ‘squashie’ or just starting out in the exciting sport of squash, Mayfair squash clubs offer a wide array of adult squash programs and house leagues for all levels of play in both singles and doubles squash.

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Adult Squash Clinics & Lessons

At Mayfair Clubs, we’re committed to your improvement as a player and your continued enjoyment of squash. Experienced, certified professionals design our squash programs for every level of play. Group clinics are offered as well as individual lessons

Adult House League

Our house leagues are a great way to meet new members and be a part of the squash community. Looking for some competition? Try our competitive league program, which provides weekly match play every Monday and Wednesday evening. All results are inputted into our Club rankings program that keeps you up to date on your level of play within the Club

Our Squash Professionals

Mayfair Squash’s team of dedicated Squash Professionals works with your strengths and helps you improve your level of play.

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