Group Fitness

We have a huge variety of group fitness programs to choose from!

Group Fitness

With over 240 Group Fitness and Signature Fitness classes, we offer the best variety of group fitness in the GTA. Not only that – we have the best instructors on our team. Our classes range from spinning, pilates, aerial and athletic yoga, to boot camps and cave man circuits. See the class descriptions below for some of our most popular classes. Be sure to check the schedule to see what is offered at your club!

Re-Opening Dates:

  • Parkway Group Fitness & Aquafit: Classes will resume as of Monday July 19th. Schedule to be posted soon.
  • Lakeshore Group Fitness & Aquafit: Classes will resume as of Monday July 19th. Schedule to be posted soon.
  • West Group Fitness & Aquafit: Classes will resume as of Monday July 19th. Schedule to be posted soon.

Virtual Classes

Join us online for some LIVE and ON DEMAND fitness classes offered by our certified instructors.

Group Fitness Classes


Come sweat it out to the rhythms of Hip Hop, Jazz, Dance, House, and Latin beats. This pulse pounding class will have you moving nonstop.

Hip Hop

A class filled with fun and challenging choreography. You’ll learn the latest hip hop dance moves while burning calories during this high intensity and high energy class.

Treadmill Blast

Get the benefits of cardio and muscle conditioning in this 30 minute class that is sure to fly by! The class begins with a combination of interval style running that includes sprints and hill climbs, followed by 30-60 second recovery periods on a treadmill. This class is designed as a cardio intensive cardio burning workout that can benefit anyone, whether you are a beginner or a competitive athlete.

TRX Tabata Bootcamp

If you are looking for a strong challenging workout this one is for you. TRX Tabata Bootcamp is a general Cardio/Strength bootcamp class done in the Tabata format with the TRX strength training system.

Push Workout

This class will PUSH your limits and demand your best, as you’re taken through a circuit of high-intensity challenges. Cardio, plyometrics, speed, agility, core, TRX, and weight training are integrated into each class, which means the class is always changing. Register for PUSH today!

Rhythm Ride

Get your body moving with a tailored list of tracks from start to finish. Get ready for a cycle class that gets you riding to the beat of the music! Just ride, this class is all about fun. Register today!

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a gentle form of yoga, focused on calming the mind and body. Rooted in posture and breathing techniques, this class will help participants improve flexibility and develop core strength. Register for Hatha Yoga today!

Aerial Yoga

Flexibility, spinal decompression, relief of back pain and improved muscle strength are the goals in this innovative class.  Using an apparatus that resembles a hammock and inspiration from Yoga, Pilates, Calisthenics and Aerial Acrobatics, you will have a total-body workout unlike any other.  Try something new!

Personal Training

We also have several options for Personal Training if you’d like more individualized support. Check out the Personal Training page on our website for more details.

Special Programs (Lakeshore)

Intro To Ballroom & Latin Dance
This program will cover the basic dance skills of salsa, merengue and rumba in the latin dance genre. For ballroom dance everyone will learn
the basics for waltz and jive. No partners are needed to participate in this program. All skills will be taught as a group and the everyone will have a chance to dance with each other. Download brochure.

Teen & Adult Hip Hop
This class provides the basics in both jazz and hip-hop. Using up-beat music, modern pop hits and infusing basic hip-hop styles including popping, locking, slides, jumps and poses, this class encourages students to have fun with movement and performance, while gaining basic technique and improving group presentation. Download brochure.

Fitness Professionals


Group Fitness Director,
All Clubs

Al Greene, Group Fitness Director

Al started his career as a professional dancer in the US. His travels brought him to Canada in 1979 where he performed in film, television, and on stage. In 1982 he opened the iconic workout studio ‘Body Alive’ where he pioneered innovative one-of-a-kind group fitness programs. Al has presented workshops across Canada and internationally in Europe, the Caribbean, and the US. He has also consulted for a number of startup fitness facilities and spas. Al has coached numerous aerobic athletes to 1st and 2nd place finishes in both the US and Canada including the very first World Aerobic Champion Natalie Tamaro.

As the group fitness coordinator at Mayfair Clubs, Al brings his talents and passion for fitness to the job. He is an integral part of the Mayfair community and culture; bringing in new and interesting fitness programs.


Group Fitness Coordinator,
All Clubs


Rosie, Assistant Group Fitness Coordinator, All Clubs

Rosie started with Mayfair Clubs over 20 years ago. Over the years, she has evolved from a Fitness Consultant and Personal Trainer to the Director of Children and Adult’s Program and Events, and now as Al Greene’s side kick, Assistant Group Fitness Coordinator. Rosie’s passion for fitness drives her to inspire and motivate others to succeed in their personal fitness goals. “Helping members meet their health fitness goals is very rewarding to me! I like knowing that I contributed in someway to their good health and happiness!”

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