What is Pickleball?

Pickleball is a low-impact racquet sport which combines aspects of tennis, badminton and table tennis. The court is similar to a badminton court and is played with a special paddle and ball. It can be played in singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

Pickleball is an inclusive sport which is widely played by members and guests of all ages and athletic ability. It’s easy to start but challenging to master!

New to the game? Learn more about the Game and History of Pickleball.

Our Facilities

  • Mayfair Lakeshore has 4 Outdoor Courts and 4 Indoor Courts
  • Mayfair East has 2 Indoor Courts on Tennis Courts
  • Mayfair West has 4 Indoor Courts
  • Mayfair Parkway has a Multi Gym available for booking

Our Programs

At Mayfair Clubs, we offer:

Congrats to Dylan McCartney

We’re thrilled to extend our congratulations to Dylan for becoming a part of our Parkway/East Pickleball team as Head Pickleball Pro. Dylan has been a valued team member of our Parkway Squash department since 2022. We’re eagerly looking forward to having him also join our Pickleball team! Dylan can be reached at parkwaypickleball@mayfairclubs.com.

Pickleball | Etiquette for Game Play

Please take some time to review our Etiquette for Game Play document for Pickleball. In the event that you are involved in a conflict with another member, please refer to this document for direction. If you have feedback or questions, regarding this document, please contact your Head Pro.

Determine Your Pickleball Rating

To ensure you register for the correct level for lessons, clinics, round robins, and leagues visit Pickleball Self Rating:

These links will help to explain what is required at each skill level and what you need to work on to improve as a player.

Non Member Access

For all clinics, round robins and special events, non-members must be guests of an active Mayfair Clubs member to take part.


For more information on our Lakeshore offerings, contact lakeshoresports@mayfairclubs.com.

For more information on our West offerings, contact jweissman@mayfairclubs.com.

For more information on our Parkway/East offerings, contact parkwaypickleball@mayfairclubs.com.

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