The Latest Club News for Members

Thank You Members

Thank you for your patience and understanding during our temporary closures. Please be sure to always review our latest updates prior to visiting.

The Mayfair Experience

In order to ensure a safe re-opening, we have implemented many new changes to our facilities as well as our policies. We know that these updates will change the experience for our Mayfair Members.

Some of our Members may be hesitant to come back to our facilities. If you’d like to come and experience the club and the safety measures we’ve implemented, prior to the reactivation of your membership, please set up an appointment with your club manager. We are happy to show you around!

Be safe everyone! We can’t wait to see you back at the club!

All Clubs Are Currently Open

All of our four facilities are now currently open as approved by the Province of Ontario’s Reopening Plan for Stage III. Our teams have implemented new Health and Safety Policies and Procedures so be sure to review the new policies prior to visiting.

Services Now Open

  • All tennis courts are open for Lessons, Singles and Doubles Play
  • Squash (Squash Members Only)
  • Swimming Pools (Lane and Family Swim Only, Must Reserve Time slot)
  • Wellness Spa and Salon
  • Sports Clinics
  • Fitness Floor
  • Personal Training
  • Group Fitness
  • Sport Shop
  • Multigym
  • Locker Rooms and Showers
  • Indoor Bistro

Services that Remain Closed

  • Spin Classes (Resuming at Lakeshore on September 21st)
  • Towel Service
  • Steam Rooms, Saunas and Hot Tubs
  • Kidspace (West and Parkway)



How Are Membership Agreements Being Handled?

If you’re unsure of your membership type, please refer to your latest renewal letter or contact your Club Manager.

  • All reactivated monthly memberships will have their billing dates adjusted to reflect the period from which the Club closed (March 16, 2020) until their reactivation date.
  • All reactivated annual memberships will have their renewal dates extended to reflect the period from which the Club closed (March 16, 2020) until their reactivation date.
  • Inactive Members who would like to begin using the Club must activate their membership prior to their first visit to the Club by emailing the Club Manager or Membership Services.
  • Members on a Leave of Absence who would like to begin using the Club prior to their reactivation date, must activate their membership prior to their first visit to the Club by emailing the Club Manager or Membership Services.
  • If you would like to request a Leave of Absence prior to your membership activation date and have not used the Club during our phased reopening, please email the Club Manager.
  • Junior and Under 8 Members, aged 4-12 (Platinum & Bronze), will remain Inactive until further notice, unless you’ve already requested reactivation.

Bronze Fitness Members

  • All Fitness (Bronze) Memberships will remain Inactive until September 14, 2020, unless you’ve already requested reactivation.

Platinum Tennis Members

  • Platinum Tennis Memberships for Members 13 years of age and over were reactivated as of May 19, 2020, unless you’ve previously requested a Leave of Absence.

Platinum Squash Members

  • All Squash Memberships will remain Inactive until further notice, unless you’ve already requested reactivation.

What Has Mayfair Clubs Done to Ensure a Safe Space?

Facility Readiness:

  • All of our facilities have implemented health and safety precautions such as acrylic barriers installed at our front desks and social distancing signage posted throughout the clubs.
  • We have implemented new health and safety policies for both our members and staff to ensure a safe place.
  • We’ve reviewed and implemented, where applicable to our facilities, health and safety policies from the Provincial Government, Public Health, Tennis Canada and the Ontario Tennis Association.

Staff, Member, and Guest Health Screening:

  • All members, Staff and Guests are manually checked-in by Front Desk (no hand readers)
  • Upon each visit, Members, Staff and Guests will be required to:
    1. Have body temperature taken
    2. Be asked Health Screening Questions
    3. The Club reserves the right to refuse entry to Members, Staff or Guests based on the results of the above.
  • Members and Guests are required to wear a mask while entering and exiting the Club as well as throughout the duration of their visit to the club (Members must have their own mask on prior to entering the Club)
  • Members are allowed to remove masks once on a tennis or squash court, once a Group Fitness class has begun or during exercise – details available in Club
  • Members under the age of 13 MUST BE accompanied by a Parent or Guardian while entering the club to assist in answering the Health Screening Questions

Social Distancing Measures:

  • Members must practice Social Distancing when entering the Club and when using the facilities, reminder signage is posted throughout our facility.
  • Members must abide by all floor markers and signage.
  • Water fountains are only available to refill water bottles (bubblers not available).
  • No gathering or lingering is allowed in the Clubs except in Bistros (once reopened).
  • We recommend that members only access the Club when involved in a sport or fitness activity.
  • We have set capacity limitations on our fitness floors and within our locker rooms at each club (once lockers reopen). Should capacity become an issue, Mayfair Clubs reserves the right to enforce pre-registration procedures.
  • Fitness floors and member flow throughout our facilities have been reconfigured to allow for social distancing measures.

Staffing Adjustments:

  • All Staff have completed Corona Virus Preparedness Training.
  • Staff scheduling has been adjusted to allow for additional cleaning and sanitization procedures throughout the day and a comprehensive cleaning and sanitizing protocol is completed nightly.
  • Staff are also mandated to wear PPE equipment and must undergo a Health Screening before each shift.

Enhanced Cleaning Protocols:

  • Additional Maintenance Staff have been allocated to the fitness floor during all operating hours to ensure sanitization of equipment and high touch surfaces.
  • Our Maintenance Staff use Citron Hygiene’s Sanex Disinfectant (found on the Government of Canada’s “Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)” List) to sanitize high touch surfaces.
  • Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant Wipe stations have been provided throughout the Fitness Floor and throughout the Clubs.

Ventilation and Air Purification:

  • We communicated with our HVAC consultants at Honeywell and have made adjustments to our systems as per their recommendations.
  • All units have been fully serviced and cleaned with new filters installed.
  • High density filters have been installed in those units servicing smaller spaces such as the Group Fitness studios.
  • We have optimized our ventilation systems to allow for increased flow of fresh, outdoor air throughout our facilities.

Revised Departmental & Amenity Policies:

  • We’ve developed specific policies for each of the amenities offered in our clubs that are posted in the club and online.
  • We’ve posted Safe Play documentation throughout our facilities based on Provincial Governing Sport guidelines and recommendation.
  • We have adjusted our hours and reduced our amenity capacity to allow for social distancing.
  • Due to the seriousness of this situation, Mayfair Clubs reserves the right to deny entry to any member(s) who do not follow these Health and Safety policies and guidelines while accessing our facilities. As well, Mayfair Clubs reserves the right to suspend or even terminate membership to those individuals not respecting these guidelines while using our facilities.

Before You Visit:

  • Be sure to read the latest updates and review the Health and Safety Policies of the service you are planning on using.
  • Stay home if you or anyone you know has knowingly been exposed to someone with COVID-19.
  • Bring a mask. We have a mandatory mask policy in our facilities and you will be denied entry if you are not wearing a mask.
  • Bring your own towel and water bottle.
  • If you’re bringing a guest, be sure to complete the Guest Waiver form in advance.
  • If you’re using a tennis court or squash court, please submit your booking prior to visiting the club.
  • Plan to come a little early as there may be wait time to access the club.
  • We recommend that members only access the Club when involved in a sport or fitness activity.
  • No gathering or lingering is allowed in the facilities.
  • Members are not allowed to access the areas that are indicated as “Not in service.”

Guest Policies

Mayfair will be Reinstating Guest Policy for Tennis Only. If you would like to bring a guest to our facilities, you and your guest will need to follow the same Mayfair Member Health and Safety policies for usage of our facilities in additional to our policies for Guests.

Before Your Visit:
All Guests will need to complete our online Guest Waiver and Information form to the Club where you are playing prior to arrival:

If you have questions, you can also email the Front Desk:

  • Lakeshore Front Desk –
  • West Front Desk –
  • Parkway Front Desk –
  • East Front Desk –

During Your Visit:
Please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your court booking so that you can complete the Guest intake process. Members must arrive together with their guests.

Guest Policy:

  • All Guest fees will be charged to the hosting Mayfair Member.
  • Upon Check-in:
    • Guests to provide Mayfair Clubs with valid Photo ID
    • Completed Guest Waivers emailed to Front Desk prior to arrival
    • Guests may visit Mayfair Clubs once each month to a maximum of 6 times within a 12 month period
  • Members are to accompany their Guest at check-in and while the Guest is in the Club at all times
  • Guests 17 years of age & under (minor) must be accompanied by a Parent
  • Member upon check-in and while in the Club

For the complete Guest Policy information or if you have additional questions, please speak with your Club Manager.

Tennis Health and Safety Policies

  • Members must leave the court by the end of the first buzzer.
  • Members can only enter the court on or after the second buzzer.
  • Each court will have a designated waiting area in the tennis hallway (indicated by floor markers). Members should be in the waiting area prior to the first buzzer to assist in social distancing.
  • For the safety of our Members, all detachable benches and score cards have been removed from courts – please do not use any of our built in benches.
  • It is recommended that Members use their racquet or tennis bag to open the entry curtain onto the courts.
  • Court divider nets must remain closed at all times.
  • It is recommended that each player have their own can of balls with a unique identifying mark (initials, symbol) and ideally from different companies for easy identification. Players should only touch their own tennis balls.
  • Doubles play is now permitted. All players must review the Guidelines for Doubles Play from the OTA.
  • All players must review our Tennis Policies for Phase II play.
  • Masks can be taken off once play has begun and only when on court.
  • The Club will only be supplying ball tubes to players taking lessons and programs.
  • No walk-ons are allowed. All courts must be booked via the Mayfair Clubs Member App prior to entering the club.
  • No physical contact (high five’s, handshakes, etc.) will be allowed.
  • No changing sides of the court.
  • All participants of a court booking need to be registered via Motion Vibe before entering the club and need to complete Release of Liability Form.
  • Children 12 years of age and under can be accompanied by one Parent or Guardian into the Club.
  • Children 12 years of age an under having private or semi private lessons may have a parent present on court (not applicable to group lessons).
  • The Club will continue to evaluate these policies and reserves the right to modify as needed without prior notice.
  • Due to member and staff safety concerns, the Club reserves the right to suspend the membership of anyone found to be in violation of these club rules or policies.

Squash Health and Safety Policies

  • Mayfair Parkway 2 Singles & 1 Doubles Court (court fees apply)
  • Mayfair Lakeshore 4 Singles & 1 Doubles Court
  • Squash Courts are not available at the West
  • Solo play
  • Singles and Doubles Play allowed with players who have resided in the same household for 14 consecutive days prior to play
  • On-Court Private Lessons
  • Additional courts will be opened based on demand.
  • Disinfecting wipes will be provided outside squash courts for members to wipe the door handles before and after each use.
  • Hand sanitizer will be located in the squash hallway outside the courts.
  • Its recommended that players wash their hands with soap and water before and after play.
  • Players must refrain from touching the walls or floors of the squash court
  • All squash courts will be cleaned and disinfected daily.
  • Implemented new Heath and Safety policies for all members to follow during facility usage.

NEW! Two Player Update (As of August 4, 2020):

  • Two players may engage in on-court drills and/or conditioned games so long as the players maintain a distance of at least 2 metres at all times.
  • Courts are marked in zones that delineate each player’s individual area designed to maintain a distance of 6’ between players.
  • Players may engage in the above on-court activities only within a pod of a maximum of 6 players. A player can only be in one pod.
  • Pods will be administered by Head Squash Pro
  • Each player should bring a game ball onto the court, and each should warm up their own ball. Each player will only serve with, and touch with their hand or body, their respective ball. Upon switching servers, the player will retrieve their ball and place it into their pocket while their opponent prepares to serve with his or her ball.

Before You Visit

  • All squash court reservations must be booked through the Mayfair Online Booking System in advance. Court Booking Hours:
    • Monday – Thursday: 6:00 am – 10:00 pm
    • Friday: 6:00 am – 9:00 pm
    • Saturday – Sunday: 7:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your court booking to allow enough time for the new check-in process.
  • Review the new Heath and Safety policies for squash play.
  • All members, staff and non-members will have their temperature taken and be asked health screening questions upon entering a Mayfair location.
  • All members visiting the club need to bring their own facial mask or face visor. Mayfair Clubs will not be supplying members with masks or visors. You will need to be wearing your mask/visor when you enter the club or you will be denied entry.

Aquatics Health and Safety Policies

  • All swimmers must have active Mayfair Clubs Memberships.
  • All Lane Swimmers and Family Swimmers must reserve a time slot by calling the Front Desk to use the pool. We are not currently allowing drop-ins.
  • Pool Schedules are posted online for Lane and Family Swimming times
  • No towels or equipment will be provided. Please bring your own.
  • Snorkels are not allowed at this time.
  • Swimmers must follow all new swim policies as well as deck and change room signage.

Fitness Floor & Personal Training Health and Safety Policies

The Fitness Floor and Personal Training Services will resume at all clubs on Monday August 4th, 2020. Please review the details below as some things have changed.

Fitness Facility Hours:

Members do not need to pre-book a reservation to use the fitness floor however fitness a floor capacity is set and works on a first come, first serve basis. Due to the increase of Club use with the Stage 3 Reopening, Mayfair recommends that Members arrive 15-20 minutes prior to allow enough time for the Club check-in process. Fitness Floor Closes 30 minutes prior to club closure.

Fitness Floor Capacity and Timeslots:

  • Members do not have to book a timeslot to use the Fitness Floor.
  • Members are allotted 60 minutes on the fitness floor, if the floor reaches capacity with Members waiting, those who have reached their 60 minutes will be asked to leave to make room.
  • Fitness floor capacity:
    • Lakeshore is a maximum of 50 Members on a first come, first serve basis.
    • West is a maximum of 35 Members on a first come, first serve basis.
    • Parkway is a maximum of 35 Members on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Members must check-in and check-out with the Fitness Floor Monitor.
  • If the Fitness Floor capacity becomes a continuing issue, Mayfair Clubs reserves the right to introduce an online timeslot registration process.

Health and Safety Policies:

  • Masks must be worn when moving around the Fitness Floor or resting in between sets. Masks can be removed ONLY when actively engaged in exercise.
  • Gloves are recommended.
  • Cardio and Strength equipment availability has been modified or reduced to allow for physical distancing.
  • Fitness accessories and small equipment has been minimized and will not be available.
  • Members must practice Physical Distancing on the fitness floor and abide by all floor markers and signage.
  • The Fitness Floor now has two areas designated strictly for Personal Trainers and their clients, equipment in these designated spaces is reserved for Personal Trainers and Clients only. (Applies to Parkway and West only)
  • Members are required to use the designated Entrance and Exit doors to the fitness floor.
  • Members are asked to sanitize all equipment before and after use with the Disinfectant Wipes provided.

Group Fitness Health and Safety Policies

Group Fitness Classes are scheduled to resume on the following dates:

  • Mayfair Parkway – August 4th
  • Mayfair Lakeshore – August 10th
  • Mayfair West – August 10th


  1. Please use your phones for both class registration and check-in.
  2. For those members who may have difficulty using their phones to check-in, a kiosk will be available for use at the following locations:
    • Lobby at Parkway
    • Lobby at West
    • Outside Yoga Studio at Lakeshore
  3. No show fee of $5 per class registration will apply so please be considerate of your class registrations.

Scheduling and Class Capacity:

  1. The updated Group Fitness Class schedule will be available online as of July 29th for Mayfair Parkway.
  2. The updated Group Fitness Class schedule will be available online as of August 7th for Mayfair Lakeshore and West.
  3. Participants can reserve their spot in a class through the regular Mayfair Clubs Online system.
  4. Spin classes will not be held until further notice.
  5. Class capacities and schedules have been reduced to allow for social distancing measures and enhanced cleaning protocols. Studios will be cleaned and sanitized after each class.

New Health and Safety Policies:

  1. Members must wear a mask upon entering and exiting the studio.
  2. Members may only remove masks during classes – masks must be worn at all other times.
  3. Members are strongly encouraged to sanitize hands before entering and after leaving the studio. Hand sanitizer stations will be provided.
  4. Members must practice physical distancing in the group fitness studio and abide by all floor markers and signage.
  5. Members are required to use the designated Entrance and Exit doors to the group fitness studios
  6. Members are asked to set up their exercise areas prior to class.
  7. At the end of class Members will leave all equipment in their area and maintenance staff will sanitize and put the equipment away.
  8. Prolonged use equipment such as yoga mats, blocks, straps, boxing gloves, etc., are no longer available. We ask that Members supply their own prolonged use equipment for sanitary reasons.
  9. Equipment such steps, boxing bags, dumbbells, group power bars and plates, will continue to be supplied
  10. As towel service will not be available for health and safety reason, we strongly recommend all members bring a towel when participating in a Group Fitness Class.

Multigym Health and Safety Policies


  • Open for Pickleball & Basketball
  • Booking courts 3 days ahead
  • Maximum 2-hour booking
  • Mask can be removed once on court
  • Only players allowed in multi-gym
  • No benches
  • Exterior doors need to remain open (do not interfere with play) (Not applicable at West)


  • Kids age 13 & under must be supervised by a Parent Member
  • Players must provide their own basketball (basketballs will not be provided by the Club)
  • Game play is allowed if all players reside in the same household

See full Multigym Health and Safety Policies here.

Wellness Spa & Sports Clinic Health and Safety Policies

  • Cancellation Policy (24 Hours Notice). Please be aware our cancellation policy requires a 24 hour notification for the full fee to not be charged.
  • If at any time your answer is “Yes” to any of the Health Screening questions or you’re feeling unwell, please contact our Wellness Spa immediately and advise them to cancel your appointment. If cancelled under these circumstances, you will not be charged for your appointment, but clients cannot book a future appointment for a minimum of 14 days.
  • Mayfair Clubs no longer accepts cash for transactions.

Before You Visit

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment to allow enough time for the new check-in process.
  • Non-members will be asked to show a piece of photo ID upon entering the Club
  • All members, staff and non-members will have their temperature taken and be asked Health Screening questions upon entering all Mayfair locations.
  • When you check-in with the Spa Receptionist you will again be asked the Health Screening questions and be asked to wash your hands.

During Your Appointment

  • Masks must be worn at all times during your appointment (includes staff).
  • Non-members will be asked to show a piece of photo ID upon entering the Club.
  • Magazines, water, tea and coffee are not currently available in the Wellness Spa.

Mandatory Mask Policy

As of July 7, 2020 the wearing of masks is now required in indoor public spaces. Since May 19, 2020, all Staff, Members and Guests have been required to wear a mask or full-face shield/visor upon entering, and for the duration of their visit, to all Mayfair Clubs locations. With the new City of Toronto By-Law and the City of Markham By-Law, Mayfair Clubs has revised this policy.

What Kids Programs Are Currently Available?

Onsite Fall Programs

  • Basketball (All Clubs)
  • Karate (All Clubs)
  • Tennis (All Clubs)
  • Swimming (All Clubs)
  • Baseball (Lakeshore)
  • Pickleball (Lakeshore)
  • Kids Yoga (Parwkay)
  • Kids MMA (Parkway)

To learn more and to register, visit

Online and Virtual Programs

  • Baking with Pam Sweets
  • Technology Skills
  • Karate
  • Family Kickboxing

To learn more and to register, visit


Kidspace Health and Safety Policies

What Initiatives Have We Taken to Ensure Safe Space?

  • Kidspace capacity has been reduced to 6 kids to allow for social distancing.
  • All high touch items have been removed from our space.
  • Kids are provided with individual stations with toys and crafts assigned to individual child for the duration of their stay in Kidspace.
  • Have provided a designated drop off and pick up zone for parents to safety drop-off their children in our front room area to reduce the amount of traffic in our back room.
  • All staff, parents, and children are screened before they enter our facilities via our Health Screen Process.

New Policies:

  • Parents must book a reservation in advance via the Front Desk
  • We are only taking between 1-3 hours maximum bookings
  • Kids must bring their own food and/or snacks

Our Kidspace offering will be reopening as of Tuesday September 8th with the following hours of operation:

  • Monday to Sunday 9:00am to 2:00pm
  • Monday & Wednesday evening 4:00pm – 7:00pm

Sign up at the front desk. Lakeshore only.



Online & Virtual Options:

Group Fitness Classes

  • Coming soon! New online classes will be available to active Mayfair Clubs members via our resource. Stay tuned for more updates for when we launch!

Online Programs

  • We are offering online programs for adults and kids. Learn more and register online at

More Questions?

For more information about any of these policies or updates, please contact your Club Manager.

Darlene Holland
Club Manager, Lakeshore

Naresh Persaud
Club Manager, Parkway/East

Magda Diaz
Club Manager, West

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