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Fitness at Mayfair

Mayfair Fitness focuses on a balanced approach to health and fitness that supports overall wellness. Our Programs provide exercise variations for everyone – whatever the sport, activity or purpose.


Each Program is created and led by a skilled Mayfair Fitness professional to achieve specific goals, based on our customized health and wellness assessment.

Whether you’re a beginner…training for a particular sport or event…or returning to the field of play – there’s a Mayfair Fitness Program for you.

Our Personal Trainers can tailor-make the program you want, without short-cutting what you need. Balance is key.  And we aim to inspire you to greater success with purposeful coaching so you can outpace your goals.

What’s New

Re-Ignite Fitness Series

The Re-Ignite Series is a group of training classes that are comprised of compound strength and cardiopulmonary exercises. This series is designed to give your body a high-intensity workout, change your body composition, and give you the ultimate challenge in a group environment. With the use of battle ropes, TRX strength systems, rowing machines and more, the Re-Ignite series will reinvigorate your workout in a way you never thought possible.

What’s New at Mayfair Lakeshore for November

November at Mayfair Lakeshore is packed full of new programs and events. We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our new fitness facility! Don't forget to check out our new Nutrition Program and upcoming events in tennis, squash and Kidspace.

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