Fitness at Mayfair Clubs

With our integrated approach to fitness, we believe you should have access to the most innovative facilities and equipment for whole body and mind workouts. We take pride in the high standard of maintenance of our fitness spaces. Our members enjoy the use of the most current of equipment and technology.

Personal Training:

Mayfair Clubs’ team of dedicated personal trainers works with your strengths and helps you to achieve your goals. Based on your personal requirements and preferences, we will match you with a Personal Trainer that is most compatible with you. Your Personal Trainer will conduct a complimentary in-depth Athletic Analysis and design a personalized fitness program that will evolve as you progress. Get inspired and achieve the goals you set for yourself. Personal Training is beneficial at all levels of fitness:

If you’re a beginner:

Kick start your fitness routine with useful encouragement and the right education. Your Personal Trainer can help you set and achieve realistic goals, while developing correct form and safe habits right from the start.

If you’re training for a sport:

Your Personal Trainer can help you craft a sport-specific training program to improve your performance and challenge your personal best.

If you’re a seasoned pro:

Change up your routine safely and move on successfully to a new challenge.

If you’re recovering from illness or rehabilitating after injury:

Your Personal Trainer will design a program that is respectful of your range of activity and your specific needs as you recover.

Personal Training Programs:

Fascial Stretch Therapy:

Anyone who sets health and fitness goals can benefit from fascial stretch therapy.  Whether a beginner or a pro, rehabilitating your body or training for specific sports, starting or fine tuning your fitness program, your fascial stretch therapist can help you develop the sage habits and give you the motivation you need to achieve your goals.

Pilates Reformer:

The innovative exercises focus on strengthening of muscles that help you to maintain a symmetrical and revitalized body. Pilates Reformer is the central piece of Pilates equipment is also commonly used tool for exercises by both men and women, young and old.

Cardio & Conditioning

Improve endurance and strengthen various muscle groups. Cardiovascular exercise helps strengthen your heart and lungs. It’s especially beneficial for lowering blood pressure and burning calories.


This class involves a series of cardiovascular intervals using running, plyometrics and step. The participant’s primary focus is on cardiovascular conditioning during this 75-minute class combining high and low impact movements.

Cardio Mix:

In this high intensity/low impact cardiovascular combo class, the instructor leads participants through different styles of aerobic movement, from boot camp to dance moves. This fun, challenging and high energy class is perfect for participants at all levels of fitness.

Step and Pump:

This class provides an ideal combination of the aerobic requirements of a step class with the endurance demands of a body sculpting class.


Come sweat it out to the rhythms of Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Bachata, Reggaeton, Calypso and other Latin beats. No experience is necessary. This class suits both beginners and advanced participants.

Aero Step:

This step/floor choreography combination will increase your cardiovascular strength and improve your overall body definition.

Belly Dancing:

This one hour class is a fun introduction to the ancient art of belly dancing. Learn the sensual moves to eastern music that will tone your body, isolate muscle groups, strengthen abs and improve posture.

Body Sculpt:

This class is a fun, non-impact muscular strength and endurance workout. Participants will use body bars, dumbbells and other equipment.

Core & Stretch:

Structured training for your core muscles with emphasis on strengthening the abdominals.

Core Conditioning:

This is a 30-minute total back and abdominal workout. Structured training for your core muscles with emphasis on strengthening abdominals, gluteus and spinal extensors mixed with exercises specifically designed to focus on stretches that will increase your flexibility. Structured training for your core muscles using a stability ball, with emphasis on strengthening abdominals, gluteus and spinal extensors.

Group Power:

A 1-hour full body workout set to motivating music. See why it’s called the original barbell class.


Filled with fun and challenging choreography, you’ll learn the latest hip hop dance moves while burning calories during this high intensity and high energy class.

Master Fit:

Challenge yourself to new levels of fitness in this high energy, high intensity workout designed for maximum results!

Step & Sculpt:

Step classes provide high intensity, low impact workout by stepping up and down an adjustable platform. In this class it is followed by a muscle conditioning workout.

Step & Pump:

This class provides an ideal combination of the aerobic requirements of a step class with the endurance demands of a body sculpting class.

Mind & Body

Mind & Body exercises performed over time will improve levels of physical fitness when combined with good nutrition. These classes promote body awareness through precise and mindful physical movements that control and balance your own body weight.

Ashtanga Yoga:

Also known as Power Yoga, this practice incorporates an intense flow of postures to build strength of body and mind, increasing stamina amidst a calming environment. Ashtanga is for those who have been practicing Yoga for awhile and are familiar with Yoga postures. Participants move through a series of asanas. These asanas build on one another, increasing concentration, flexibility and strength in a very straightforward and systematic way.

Dynamic Yoga:

Dynamic Yoga is an endurance-based practice, designed for people who want to work very hard and sweat. This class will strengthen, tone and energize the body and the mind. Leave the class feeling relaxed, free of tension and refreshed with energy.

Hatha Yoga:

This is a more meditative and relaxing form of yoga, developed to increase flexibility and strength as well as tone your muscles. Hatha yoga is typically a slower paced class, ideal for the beginner as well as the more experienced student. Yoga props such as blocks and straps are provided to aid beginners as they learn the poses. Advanced students can practice similar poses with a greater challenge.


Develop longer, leaner, dancer-like lines with Pilates. Train the body to move efficiently with a focus on the six principles of Pilates: concentration, control, centering, breathing, flow and precision. These exercises strengthen the abdominal, improve posture, stabilize and lengthen the spine, improve balance and overall strength. Pilates’ low impact nature and focus on core stabilization makes one stronger from the inside out and is ideal for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Power Yoga:

Also known as “Ashtanga Yoga”, this practice incorporates an intense flow of postures to build strength of body and mind, increasing stamina amidst a calming environment. Come join this 90-minute yoga class filled with all you need in a yoga class and more – from power movements to relaxation poses. Open to all levels of fitness.


Become more aware of your body’s posture, alignment and patterns of movement. Yoga makes the body more flexible and regular practice helps relieve stress. Using your own body weight for resistance, yoga unites the body, mind and spirit as you develop your practice.

Cycle Fitness:

Our cycle instructors motivate participants to climb hills, pedal down long winding roads and race to an exhilarating finish. Cycle Fitness or indoor cycling on a stationary bicycle builds cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and endurance.

Cycle Fit:

45 to 60 minutes of traditional spinning to work the heart and lungs together with the large muscle groups.

Cycle Power:

This 90-minute workout combines indoor cycling with Group Power, a barbell class for muscular strength and endurance. Spend 45 minutes on the bike, followed by 45 minutes in studio doing Group Power for a complete workout.

Ultra Cycle:

This 90-minute workout is perfect for the avid cyclist or endurance athlete looking for the extra challenge to boost their workout.

Ignite Fitness Series

The Ignite Group Fitness Series is a group of classes designed by Al Greene to elevate your workout to the next level. The classes are structured to challenge you from head to toe. Each class in the series has a different focus. The class types range from muscle conditioning, core, circuit, dance, martial arts, sport training and much more. What makes this series of classes unique is that they are designed to complement each other . The benefits of doing the series include improvements in endurance, strength, power, coordination, stability, control, flexibility, agility and self protection. These classes are exclusive to Mayfair.


Burn – defined, “To cause to undergo the chemical change of combustion”, this class is an intense head to toe muscle strength and endurance workout. that will cause your body to undergo the chemical change of re-composition. It covers upper body, lower body, and core.

Chain Reaction:

Chain reaction – defined as a series of events in which each event induces or influences the next. This is a circuit based class that does not stop; one powerful exercise after the next. The class includes 2 rounds of circuit exercises with a little group cardio thrown in for fun. Just when you think it’s over, its not!


Combustion – The process of burning something i.e., “the combustion of metabolic fuels” while going all out in a no holds barred training camp styled workout. Challenge yourself to perform like a professional athlete. This class includes training drills, techniques, and methods utilized by top athletes to stay in peak condition for their sport.


Spark – an ignited or fiery particle, initiator, the start. Everything starts with the core. This class will train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, and abdomen to work in harmony. It includes both Dynamic and static core strength exercises. This leads to better balance and stability, whether on the playing field or in daily life activities.