Pool Schedules

Pool Schedules are posted online for Lane and Family Swimming times:

Access Your Report Cards Online

Parents have the convenience of accessing their child’s report at any time, ensuring they stay updated on their progress. With the ability to monitor their child’s advancement as they complete each level, both instructors and parents have a comprehensive record of their performance. These reports are conveniently published online, eliminating the risk of misplacement and allowing for easy access whenever needed.

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Health and Safety Policies:


  • All swimmers must have active Mayfair Clubs Memberships.
  • Pool Schedule is posted online for Lane and Family Swimming times.
  • Swimmers must follow all deck and changeroom signage.
  • Swimmers do not need to pre-book their swim timeslots at Lakeshore and West locations.
  • Swimmers do need to pre-book their swim timeslots at Parkway.

Lane Swim:

  • Swimmers are asked to remain in the center of their lane.
  • All lane swimmers must be Members and 14 years of age or over.

Family Swim:

  • Maximum of 5 swimmers per lane.
  • All swimmers, including children, must be Members.

Pool Time Slots (Parkway Only):

  • Lakeshore & West members do not need to pre-book their swim timeslots.
  • All Lane and Family Swimmers at Parkway must reserve their timeslot via the Mayfair Clubs app. Drop-ins are not allowed.
  • Parkway Members must check in prior to the beginning of their timeslot through the Mayfair Clubs app. For those members who have difficulty checking-in via their phones, a kiosk will be available in the Lobby at Parkway.
  • Timeslots are exactly one hour.
  • These timeslots include your time to change before and after your swim.
  • NEW! If you have not occupied your swim lane within 5 minutes of your 30 minute booking, the lane will be opened to walk-ons.
  • A No Show Fee of $5 will be applied.
  • Members may reserve a timeslot up to 3 days ahead.
  • Reservations will open at 8:00am 3 days in advance (ie., booking for Monday opens at 8:00 am
  • Friday of previous week.)
  • Members may not reserve more than one timeslot per day.
  • Members may cancel a timeslot up to 2 hours prior to start time.
  • Members beginning early or overstaying their timeslot, may have their swimming privileges suspended or revoked.
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