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Our Pros

Our pros have been helping Toronto golfers improve their game for many years. With their Canadian Golf Teachers Federation certification our instructors are well trained in coaching all levels of golfers. In addition, our pros posses a deep understanding of the physical requirements needed in golf and more importantly, how any golf swing can produce consistent results

Digital Technologies

Utilizing launch monitor and digital video coaching technologies, your Lakeshore Golf Academy professionals provide each student with real data points to better understand where they are today and how they will get to their desired goals.

The launch monitor information tells you why the ball is behaving as it does. Combined with watching your ball flight on the virtual range screen, you will receive immediate feedback from EVERY SWING. Seeing your swing on HD video with slow motion or frame-by-frame analysis provides further understanding of the results. If you haven’t experienced the benefits of this technology while trying to improve your game, now is the time.

Program Options

Select from the following options:

Individual and Semi-Private Coaching

  • Single Session
  • Series of Three Sessions
  • Series of Six Sessions

Eight Week Program
We now offer an 8 Week Golf Program for Adult and Kids. You can choose 8 consecutive weeks of privates, or semi-privates – confirmed the same day and time for the entire 8 weeks. Your lessons will be customized with your pro and will include our launch monitor and digital video coaching technologies.

Distance Charting
Take the guessing out of how far you hit each club in your bag. Book a Distance Charting Session and know exactly what club to use with confidence in different situations throughout your round. Each student taking a coaching series will receive a Distance Chart as part of their series.

Practice Session
Members can utilize the Golf Zone for personal and family practice sessions by booking time through the front desk.

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