Get Ready for Golf Season

With the golf season quickly descending upon us, it is time to start getting stronger, swinging faster, and preparing for an injury free season!

To play well, all golf players need a certain level of physical fitness. No matter what level you play at, you can always improve your physical performance – and not just by doing weights in the gym. Dynamic workouts before you play, with weekly cardio and strength training routines will bring most players the following benefits:

  • Injury prevention
  • Adding speed and power to your swing
  • More control over your swing
  • Reducing fatigue on the course

We asked our Parkway Fitness Manager, Andrew Majury for his best Golf Ready Workouts to prepare your body for the season. Check it out below!

Windshield Wipers

Since everything happens at the hip during golf, it’s a good idea to open up your hips to get them willing to work without swinging properly. A simple seated movement of the hips can improve your hip mobility and allow for a looser and more open swing for the season! Check out the video demonstration below.

Lateral Lunges

Much as we rotate through with our shoulders for our swing, the true power of the swing is all in the hips. Hip dominant movement will not only load our hips, it will teach us how to generate force in a dynamic fashion. Hip loading and force production with them – will take that 220 yard drive to 280 before you know it!

Split Squat and Chop/Lift

This movement can be done from a high angle to a low angle (chop) or low angle to high angle (lift). As you get into a comfortable split leg position this will open up your hips and allow you to challenge the muscles that cross your core similar to a swing. Work through both cable angles and watch that mobility and strength meet the demand of your golf swing!

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About the Author

Andrew has spent his career helping clients reach their fitness goals while developing healthy and sustainable lifestyle habits! No matter the goal, he prides himself on fitness programming built by science, based on specific goals, and delivered with integrity. If you’d like to book a session with him, email to get started!