Member Spotlight – Lisa Bernstein

We chose to Spotlight Mayfair West Member Lisa Bernstein for the month on November.

Lisa has been a loyal and dedicated Mayfair West member and comes from a family of multi-generation Club Members. Her parents are long time members and her daughter is now part of the Personal Training team at Mayfair West.

Lisa joined the Club when the fitness center at Mayfair West officially opened in the early 1990s.  For the first 3 years of her membership, she and her then husband, would meet almost everyday after work to workout.  In 1997, when she realized the club was open at 6:00am in the morning, she began working out at that time instead. 

She has worked for many years with Fitness Manager Kerry Lloyd, and Personal Trainer, Carlton Brown, who keeps her in fighting form and she credits Mayfair Clubs with helping her overcome difficult times in her life; her time spent working out is as much about mental well-being as it is the physical.

“Over the years, I have met some wonderful people and while our close knit early morning family has changed over the years, I still love the atmosphere in the gym.” 

Like many people, the pandemic  lockdowns were difficult and while I managed to continue my weight training at home, it just wasn’t the same as being in the gym. Each and every time the province allowed the gyms to reopen, I was probably one of the first members to sign up.  I give Mayfair an enormous amount of credit for how they handled not just memberships during the lockdowns but their strict adherence to all protocols put in place by the government.  Each time I came for a workout, I felt safe and grateful that management was looking out for me, a valued member.

I have considered switching gyms but I stay because everything I need is under one roof.  I applaud Mayfair for continuing to make the club a safe and hopefully Covid free zone and I am proud to have just celebrated my 27th year as a member.”

Watch our video profile of Lisa and learn more about her story!