Mayfair Member Spotlight: David Grossman

Mayfair Member Spotlight

Our member spotlight for the month of August is David Grossman!

Why David?

Friendly, smiling and always loaded with interesting stories about sports, health, fitness – and even a few jokes – David Grossman and Mayfair have been buddies a long time. You’ll see him talking with Mayfair Members, with staff – and even with visitors!

For more than a decade, David has made Mayfair his home away from home.

What Does David Do at Mayfair?

For David – an award-winning Journalist while at the Toronto Star for 30 years and Broadcaster with his own show, for 23 years, at SPORTSNET THE FAN 590 (and FAN 1430 before that) – the swimming pool is time away from the stress of day-to-day pressures.

Now – retired and celebrating more than 50 years in his career, he has more time for the pool. He’s there, sometimes everyday throughout the week, doing his workout of 50 laps in a variety of strokes.

“Swimming is such a great exercise; every bone and muscle in the body gets a workout,” said Grossman. “There is only one problem. If you’re not careful, and lose track of your strokes – the next thing you’ll see is a concrete wall. Wouldn’t it be great if someone came up with a cushion around the pool so that if it happens, you’d hit a soft edge?”

When David joined Mayfair, along with his wife, he enjoyed playing racquetball. There was a court for that sport back then. Now, it’s a bit of squash and the exercise machines. But, the pool is still his designated No. 1 spot.

“I didn’t even know it was there, tucked away at the back until I, accidentally, turned the corner and had this expression of “Wow”,” he said. “…It’s great, the fewer people in the pool, the better it is for me.”

Sports Have Been a Huge Part of David’s Life

Winner of a prestigious Government of Ontario Sports Citation for his work with amateur sport, he’s also been recognized for excellence by many organizations including one of the first male reporters by the Women’s Foundation of America. Also nominated for the Canadian Paralympic Hall of Fame, the Order of Canada, and recently the recipient of the Ontario University Athletics Media Member of Distinction Award, David is controversial, but fair.

Known for bringing to light the stories and lives of youngsters with dreams that would become realities in international, Olympic and professional sport; David has written more than 40,000 stories, including assignments for international media.

As for broadcast interviews – and he’s done it for some of the top television and radio stations in Canada, there have been thousands – focusing on young athletes and the stars of tomorrow. Reporting on just about every sport there is, he’s also shared some joyful and heart-breaking stories covering the challenging and contentious side of amateur sport that often goes unnoticed.

Gone from the fast-paced deadlines, some say David hasn’t retired – but taken a short break while still finding ways to write about people. Committed to amateur sport, he still writes feature stories for the Canadian Football League, Wilfrid Laurier University’s Department of Athletics as well as several Boards of Education. As a frequent guest speaker, he also lectures at educational institutions.

And if the name Grossman and Government come up in a discussion – yes, David has been there too. Hard to believe, and simultaneous to his career in Sports Journalism, David worked on special projects with the Provincial Government in six Ministries – including tackling special assignments for three Ontario Premiers.

“Look, I enjoy swimming – it’s that simple,” he said. “I’m likely in better physical shape now than I have been in many years. Mayfair is also a great place to meet people and there’s plenty of time to talk sports.”