Get Started with a Trainer

This Personal Training program is laser-focused on enhancing your strength, stability, and endurance as you engage in the sport of Pickleball. Our expert teams understand the unique demands of pickleball and can customize a fitness training plan that will help to reduce injuries and keep you full of energy this season.

How to Get Started

Get in touch with one of our Fitness Managers and they can get you started on a 3 one-hour session training program + 3 thirty-minute FST session tailored to your specific pickleball needs. 

Cost: $375 + tax per member.*

  • 3 x one-hour sessions of Personal Training
  • 3 x 30-minute Fascial Stretch Therapy™ sessions


One package per member. The promotional rate applies to those who have not purchased a personal training package within the past year. If your Trainer is a Master Trainer, additional costs will apply. Limit one purchase per member.

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