Member Spotlight – Gillian Tessis

We chose to spotlight our long time Mayfair West member, Gillian Tessis for our June Member Spotlight.

Gillian has been a member of Mayfair Clubs for over 20 years. She joined as a junior player on the “Junior Elite Tennis Team” and trained with this group 3 days a week.

Gillian on Court at Mayfair West

Now, as an adult, she predominantly plays tennis when she is at the Club, and uses the gym to warm-up before a tennis match or to participate in the occasional yoga class.

Gillian’s Experience with Court Fit

Gillian saw our link for Court Fit within the member app last month and decided to sign up. Our Court Fit Program is where our Personal Trainers will work with you to create a customized fitness cross-training program. Our trainers will communicate with our Tennis Pros to determine the areas where you need to improve, identify the common injuries or pains that you’ve experienced while playing, and will work together to develop a plan that will keep you on court with better performance.

When she first met with Kerry Lloyd, Fitness Manager, they went over the injuries that she had recently experienced, and he created a plan that was a combination of stretching, cardio, and strength training.

Her workout plan is targeted for tennis players and customized specifically for Gillian to prepare and improve her tennis game by working on her functional strength to help her avoid future injuries. Now Gillian can spend more time playing the sport she loves and winning matches! The Court Fit program aligned perfectly with keeping Gillian focused on her goals.

Watch Gillian’s Testimonial

Check out her story below and learn more about her experience.

Thank you for sharing your story with us Gillian and we will be watching your progress on court!

Level Up Your Game

If you are ready to level up your game, visit our website and submit a request to learn more about Court Fit. If you’re still not sure, watch our video of a snap shot of some of our members doing exercises from our Court Fit program.