Getting Started and Having Success in your Program!

Written by: Darryl Jinks

Plain and simple, a training program’s success in based on planning and execution. With that said, all plans need to factor in lifestyle, budget, scheduling, and health factors.

In most cases, people don’t know where to start. Some will join a gym, some will begin running, and some will attend boot camps, but regardless, too many will not have a clearly defined plan.

Every plan starts with gathering information with a qualified professional. This starts with a multi-faceted assessment, one that not only covers topics such as body composition and physical testing, but also gaining an understanding of what approach will give an individual the greatest chance for success. I am speaking directly to what motivates the individual to do what most people hate (strength training), and do it with maximum effort.

Important bullets on successful training programs

  • Prior to beginning this journey, be sure you are 100% committed
  • Seek out a professional to conduct a detailed assessment and intake evaluation to best understand your needs
  • Set goals and deadlines for yourself
  • Quality program design is the blue print for success
  • Nutrition, stress management and quality sleep are all essential
  • Do not be afraid to ask for coaching if you need help
  • Train with a purpose every session
  • Work outside of your comfort zone
  • Make it a point to learn something new each session


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