Our Pro Guide to Safe Doubles Play

Tennis is a great sport to keep active and social and it also has a lot of health benefits. Health experts have even identified tennis as being one of the safer sports to play during the pandemic as its non-combat nature allows players to accommodate social distancing. Doubles Tennis, now approved for play by Tennis Canada, the Ontario Tennis Association and local health agencies, requires some adjustments for safe play with teammates.

We asked our Head Tennis Pros Ken Crosina and Sujit Das to weigh in with their top health and safety tips for Doubles Play. Read on to learn more!

Sanitize Your Hands

All players should sanitize their hands before and after their play. It’s also a great idea to wipe down all of your equipment with disinfectant. This will help to stop the spread of germs. Make sure to also wash your hands with soap after leaving the court.

Use Separate Balls

Our Tennis Pros recommend using separate balls. Some players will use a different brand or will initial their balls so that they can easily identify which balls are theirs.

Tap Racquets to Celebrate

High fives and handshakes are not recommended and are not allowed on the courts at Mayfair Clubs. We recommend that players “Tap Racquets” to celebrate a win while maintaining a distance of 6 feet apart at all times.

Wear a Glove

Our pros recommend wearing a glove on your tossing hand so that there is less chance of spreading germs to your opponent. It is still recommended to wash your hands regularly as this is the best protection against the spread of germs.

Play Only with Your Bubble

Keep your tennis bubble small by playing with the same group of 4-6 players on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It’s even safer to play with members of your own household.

Don’t Hang Around

It’s unfortunate but it’s best to limit your time on the court. Show up only a couple minutes before your court booking time and don’t loiter around after your match. Don’t sit or place your belongings on the benches.

No Score Cards

At this time, score cards are considered high touch and we’d recommend not using score cards at all. 

Avoid Changing Sides

Change ends on opposite sides of the net from your opponent OR don’t change ends at all.

Like this list? Download and share our tips or hang it up to remind yourself and your team mates to play safely on court. As always, please make sure to review our full tennis policies before you visit the club.

Stay safe everyone!

Pro Guide Safe Doubles