West Adult Swim Programs

Summer Swimming Lesson

Our summer session is currently open for registration and there is still room to enroll!

To register for our summer session, please submit your form to westaquatics@mayfairclubs.com

The Summer Session offers a variety of programs which can be found on the registration form.

  • Monday – Thursday from 4:30pm-8:00pm
  • Saturday – Sunday from 9:00am-5:00pm

Intensive Lessons Monday-Friday for a 2-week Period

(9 lessons + 1 make up – except for August 2-12)

  • July 4-15 Session 1
  • July 18-29 Session 2
  • August 2-12 Session 3
  • August 15-26 Session 4

Monday/Wednesday Lessons

  • July 4/6/11/13/18/20 – 6 classes total
  • August 8/10/15/17/22/24 – 6 classes total

Tuesday/Thursday Lessons

  • July 5/7/12/14/19/21 – 6 classes total
  • August 8/11/16/18/23/25 – 6 classes total

Saturday Lessons

  • July 9/16/23/30/Aug 6/13 -6 classes total

Sunday Lessons

  • July 10/17/24/31/Aug 7/14 – 6 classes total

Bronze Medallion/Cross Course

An intensive Bronze Medallion/Cross course will be offered from July 15-17th.

If you’d like to register for this program, please submit your registration form to westaquatics@mayfairclubs.com

Preschool A-E & Swimmer 1-6

  • Our preschool levels are designed for students from ages 2-5. Students work on their floats, glides, flutter kicks, side breathing, front & back swim.
  • Our swimmer levels are for all swimmers aged 6+. Swimmers are taught proper swim techniques and skills. Our swim instructors work with each child individually to ensure adequate progression. Each student will be working on developmental steps throughout the session in order to accomplish the swim levels. Private classes, Semi-private classes and or Group lessons are available. All classes are 30minutes, 45minutes.
  • Email westaquatics@mayfairclubs.com to register.

Rookie, Ranger & Ranger Star

This course is for students who have completed all swim levels and are looking for a challenge. Swim patrol training puts your child on route to Lifeguarding. These courses include a first aid component and swim technique component. Email westaquatics@mayfairclubs.com to register.

Advanced Swimming – Swim Team

Monday – Thursday | 3:30pm – 8:30pm

This program is designed for swimmers who have completed all their swim levels and want to improve their overall physical fitness in the water. The swim team provides a structured approach based on training principles and practices. Participants will be encouraged to set their own goals through interval training. Email westaquatics@mayfairclubs.com to register.

Adult FITness Swim

The adult fitness swim program is for individuals seeking an alternative to conventional fitness. The program is designed to enhance swimming abilities, improve swim stroke technique and personal fitness. With proper training, you will build up endurance so you can swim continuously without stopping. You will also improve swim strokes and breathing through drills. Email westaquatics@mayfairclubs.com to register.

Lifesaving Society Swim Lessons

Mayfair Clubs is an affiliate member of the Lifesaving Society of Ontario. Our Swim Instructors are certified through the Lifesaving Society of Ontario and our programming is based on the Swim For Life® modules from the Lifesaving Society.

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