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Speed and Power Training for Golf


  • Andrew Day – PGA of Canada Professional
  • Kris Padman – TPI Level 3 and Master Personal Trainer

“Introducing a revolutionary program designed to take your golf game to the next level. Say goodbye to stiffness and muscle soreness, and hello to improved performance, longer drives, and a reduced risk of injury.

Our strength and flexibility golf program combines expert guidance from PGA of Canada Professional Andrew Day, and personalized workout routines from TPI Level 3 Certified, and  Master  Personal Trainer Kris Padman, to help you achieve optimal strength, flexibility, and endurance. Our certified professionals will work with you to develop a customized plan that will help you reach your goals, whether you’re an elite amateur or just starting out.

Some of the benefits of our program include:

  • Increased clubhead speed and ball speed
  • Better consistency and swing mechanics
  • Reduced risk of injury 
  • Improved overall performance and longevity in the game

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to play their best and enjoy the game they love. That’s why we’ve made our program accessible and affordable for golfers of all levels.

Join us today and see the results for yourself!

  • One 90 minute training session and assessment: $259+tax
  • 6 one-hour training session program: $599+tax

To register, please contact Sabine Stojanovich, Fitness Manager at  or 416-466-3777 ext. 2239.

Welcome Prav Daswani to the Personal Training Team

A sports enthusiast having played rugby for over 20 years in Hong Kong and France, Prav has been a long-time advocate of keeping fit by focusing on strength and mobility through functional movements.

He is a big believer of the balance between mind and body and incorporates this as his training style every day. It’s not all about lifting heavy, lifting with proper form and tempo is what allows us to progress.

“Create healthy habits by being realistic and disciplined, making time for yourself, keeping track of your progress, rewarding yourself and most of all having fun and enjoying yourself.”

NEW! Strength & Conditioning for All Sports (Ages 11-14) – Members Only

4 weeks | Mondays & Thursdays 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Pricing (4 weeks)*: $298

This Strength & Conditioning program is designed for young athletes and youth looking to live a healthy, active lifestyle. This program is great for kids who would like to enhance their overall athleticism, complement their sport specific skills and build resistance to injury. This program is focused on developing strength, mobility and conditioning.

Sessions Include:

  • Strength Training
  • Agility, Coordination & Balance
  • Functional Movement Skills

Coach: Prav Daswani

For more information, email Sabine at or register online.

Welcome Jamie Miller to the Pilates Reformer Team

Jamie is a certified Pilates teacher through Body Harmonics Movement and Education.

Her passion for movement has always been deeply rooted in self-care and promoting self-confidence. Jamie believe that when you move better, you feel better on the inside and out.

Whether you are new to movement or are an avid athlete, Jamie works with clients to achieve their own goals while pushing themselves to discover the amazing things their bodies can do. Pilates challenges the mind as well as the body!

New Group Pilates Reformer Classes with Jamie

6 Weeks Starting April 5th | $159 per person +HST


  • 5:30 PM (beginner/intermediate)
  • 6:30 PM (intermediate/advanced)


  • 5:30 PM (beginner/intermediate)
  • 6:30 PM (intermediate/advanced)

No make-up classes. Jamie is happy to offer a 30-minute free intro to reformers to members who would like to see what it’s all about. For more information or to register contact Sabine Stojanovich, Fitness Manager at

Group Pilates Reformer Classes with Samantha

6 Weeks Starting April 7th | $159 per person +HST

  • Fridays 9:30 AM
  • Fridays 10:30 AM
  • Saturdays 12:30 PM
  • No make-up classes.

For more information or to register contact Sabine Stojanovich, Fitness Manager at

Personal Training

Work out one on one, in a semiprivate or in a small group with one of our expert personal trainers

Why consider using a personal trainer?

  • Access the latest knowledge and techniques to take your health and fitness to a new level
  • Train in a safe, effective, and efficient manner
  • Receive motivation and support to help you stick to your program and achieve your set fitness goals
  • Help you safely regain your fitness after an injury or surgery
  • Hold you accountable to your fitness time commitment
  • Enhance and improve your sport’s performance

To inquire about Personal Training sessions, please contact Sabine Stojanovich, Fitness Manager at  or 416-466-3777 ext. 2239.

Need Help Getting Started in the Gym?

Book a complimentary fitness assessment with Sabine Stojanovich to help integrate you into our fitness area. To inquire or to get started, contact Sabine Stojanovich, Fitness Manager at or 416-466-3777 ext. 2239.

Mayfair Athletic Analysis

The Mayfair Athletic Analysis is the ideal place to start and complimentary with your membership.  The MAA is an insightful way to address the following:

  1. Fitness and Lifestyle assessment – medical history, current exercise levels, nutrition habits
  2. Fitness Goals – establishing short- and long-term goals
  3. Develop Customized Success Plans – guidance on services, amenities, programs that can help you reach your fitness goals in a fun, timely and engaging way

Offered annually to Members (no charge) *

To inquire or to get started, contact Sabine Stojanovich, Fitness Manager at or 416-466-3777 ext. 2239.

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